Monday, January 2, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR.. Is it already 2012?? What happened to 2011.. There is no keeping track of time in the mission field.. It just flies right by.. This week was great, slow, but great.. For new years President Torgan gave Irmã Dias and i to go to Funchal with some recent converts to watch the firework show.. It was amazing and one of a kind.. you should youtube videos of this show..

On Thursday my Christmas Package came!!!!!!!!!!! Irmã and i were doing our morning studies and i saw the mail van.. I saw the mail man get out of his car with a USPS box in his hands.. I screamed.. i was jumping up and down.. i couldn´t believe how big the box was.. Then our buzzer rang.. I screamed even louder.. We ran downstairs and I got my package... but it came with a price.. I had to pay 30€ for this puppy.. So i guess when packages come to the European Union or something like that, every shipment is scanned.. well my box needed a search (that is why it took so long to get to me) and well, because of the search i had to pay 30€.. It think it might be because of the liquids but i am going to call the mission office and ask about this so for a future reference this doesn´t happen again.. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for everything you sent me.. I fell to my knees crying because i was so happy my box came.. I have many pictures to send you.
Also, Grandma Jacobs sent me a Christmas box.. but she sent it to Odivelas.. and the Irmãs there forwarded the shipment to me.. Tell her thank you and give her the mission office address please.. Thank you! Oh and thank Spencer for his gift in your box too, that was really nice of him to send me something. I will make sure to get out thank you cards but i don´t know when that will be.. so to everyone this is a thank you in advance :)

This week Irmã Dias and i were walking in Machico and this man yelled at me and said, your religion is nothing.. nothing.. He scowled at me and i said good afternoon and kept walking... he continued to yell at me as we walked away.. I don´t understand why people are so bitter sometimes.. It makes me sad they don´t know any better and they don´t care to know.. BUT, I love when we find the elect. elect investigators that is.. We met Duarte on a bench the other night and he just looked like he is supposed to be a member ya know.. so we talked to him, prayed with him and marked another appointment.. So our first lesson with him was great.. He is catholic but not practising.. He is not super super elect but he has potential. We invited him to be baptized and he said he needed to pray about it.. Bahhh we are still waiting on his response.. he is reading the book of mormon... good boy.. and we have an appointment with him tonight.. we are so excited.. We are hoping he will be baptized in two weeks.. I have finally come to realize the meaning of baptism.. What a blessing to make a convent with God and in return he will bless us without end if we follow his commandments.. Hiii.. all of you should want that.. right??

Oh duh.. today is transfer day.. I am staying here in Machico.. Irmã Dias is leaving.. to the Azores!!!! She is really excited.. I will miss her.. My new companion is Irmã Thayer and she will arrive tomorrow morning.. I am excited to meet her and i am excited for this new transfer.. It´s a fresh start to make goals and make changes in the work.. I hope it goes well.

Mom.. i have the address for the Dantas Family.. You can write them in English and their kids will translate.. they all speak English.. So please do write them a thank you card.. they will love it.. such a sweet family.. I love them!

Okay.. my time is running out.. I love you all.. I hope you all know how much i love this gospel and how much i love my Savior Jesus Christ.. I know with out any doubts he established this church.. It is the only true church on the earth and it is a blessing to teach about the restoration of his gospel. I love the Book of Mormon and i know it is the word of God.. If your looking for answers.. say a prayer and open the book. Be patient and kind to one another.. I love you!!!!! XOXO

Irmã Boshard

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