Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 27, 2011


I was so glad to see you all on skype on Sunday. What a blessing to have technology and be in Portugal on an island and be able to talk to my family in America. Whoa. Thank you Heavenly Father. Isn´t the Dantes Family incredible?? I am so grateful for them. They fed us SO well and let us just hang out with their family all day. Mom- I will ask for their address and get the info to you. The mom is Fatima Dantes. You can probably find her on facebook, but she doesn´t speak English. Her son Timóteo Dantes speaks English (obviously, because you talked to him) but i am sure you can find him on facebook. That family is incredible and it is such a blessing to know them. Irmã Dias and i don´t know how we will thank them for everything they do for us. Every Sunday they feed us too mom. They always bring food to church for us and we take it home and eat it for a week. ha ha Irmã Dantes is a really good cook.

So- Sunday after church was incredible because we had two baptisms at the beach in Caniçal. It is really close to Machico. No one was there, it was calm, kinda cloudy, not too cold, a little windy, but a perfect day for baptisms in the ocean!!!!! Oh you will love the pictures. I am so happy for these people who have a desire to change their lives. We baptized Fabio a few weeks ago.. do you remember me telling you all about him?? Well, yesterday we baptized his dad, José! It was kinda a battle to get José to stop drinking wine, but finally on Saturday he committed to live the word of wisdom. Yeah- we cut it close. The other baptism was Maria José. She is the mom i told you about last week that should´ve been baptized with her daughter, but her daughter would not commit. She is kinda agnostic and has been difficult to meet with. So.. We just need to continue to pray and find the elect. They are here, we just have to be diligent in finding them.

I loved all of your faces when i said i have bed bugs.. yep. It sucks. Irmã Dias has it too, but mine is bad. It looks like i have a disease on my hands, arms and legs. ha ha ha ha I´ll have to take some pictures and send them to you.. you´ll laugh.

Wow- I can´t think of much to say because we chatted so much on Christmas. I am grateful for all of you. You are all looking SO good. I hope you have a great New Years. Take Care my loved ones :) Make it a goal this next year to never miss a day of reading your scriptures and saying your prayers NIGHT AND DAY. okay.. i love you, i love you.


Irmã Kenzie Boshard

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