Monday, April 23, 2012

Clean up your dogs poop

We found a sign on the side of the road with a picture of poop that shows people how to pick up the poop of their dog.. It is pretty gross and i thought i should share it with you.. ha ha 


Bom Dia Minha Queridas,

So my emails have kinda been Debbie Downer status lately because i always forget to write down what happens during the week to give you such a thoughtful update on Almada.. So i am sorry for all of you who suffer when reading my emails.. But this week, I made to make a point to update you on the amazing experiences i am having out here on mish.. 

Irmã Wilde and i have been suffering with a cold for about a week and a half. Both of us, at the same time.. It´s been horrible and it make us push so much more to find energy to talk to everyone we see.. Every contact we introduce ourselves, cough on them... teach a principle, our nose is running, and then we say a pray with them and cough on them again. ha ha it´s disgusting. 

Update on Ruthe.. She is making some major progress.. We finally got to watch the restoration DVD with her and she loved it!!! I have been wanting to watch it with her and every time we went to her house it never worked out. But finally she watched it and after it was over she said. I loved it.. It´s true, but will you be patient with me? I need to watch it again.. She is really trying to internalize everything we teach her and she is progressing but is one that needs to feel SUPER prepared before baptism.. She is worth the patience.. She made Irmã and i a home made remedy of medication and spoon fed it to us the other day.. She is so kind and thoughtful.. I can´t tell you how grateful i am for the love that i have for these people.. They are so dear to me. 

Recent Convert update: Severino who was baptized last week received the holy ghost yesterday and was just beaming! After Sacrament Meeting Bishop Vaz interviewed him to receive the priesthood next week and he told me that he is so excited to grow in the gospel and have this power of god with him at all times.. He also called us last night as he was studying the scriptures and asked us a few questions about the reading!! I am such a proud little mom of these new members.. Words can´t express the humility that i have to serve and share the gospel with these elect children of god.

I am sad because Alberto who was baptized a few weeks ago is struggling to find work and he is mad that heavenly father isn´t blessing him right away.. and he didn´t come to church yesterday.. He thinks that right after baptism everything is supposed to run smoothly, and he should have work, money and a happy family, a girlfriend.. and so many other things.. Satan is really working on him and we are trying our best to strengthen his testimony.. Keep him in your prayers.. 

This morning i was studying the scriptures and i read Mosiah 4: 30. It talks about watching yourself, be good and have faith.. It´s something i need to share with an investigator but i also thought you could use it too.. Be careful in all that you do.. During the sacrament on Sundays, do a check up on yourselves and how well you are doing to prepare yourselves and gods children to return to him.. I´ve truly come to love the book of mormon and i am so grateful to have the opportunity to read it everyday.. We should read it everyday but i basically live, eat, drink and breathe this book and it makes me so happy!!! 

Irmã Wilde and i are having a blast serving together.. I love training her.. but i feel like she pretty much has the work down.. we just laugh all the time in the road and i am truly grateful for her in my life. She has a killer testimony and is a solid missionary. Another testimony confirmation that Heavenly Father knows me and knows who i need in my life to serve with at this time. 

Take care my beloveds.. Have a great week.. 

Com amor,

Irmã Boshard

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Batismo de Severino

Me with two members from our ward.. They are TINY.. ha ha

Severino´s baptsim was swwweeet.. Enjoy!

Yummy Pastries... Sad Shoes

My favorite shoes are dying on me... ha ha
We like to eat pastries here.. ha ha check out our plates one night!!

The Blessing Of Contacting

HEEELLLO- Yesterday Irmã Wilde and i were able to see the fruits of our labors.. Severino was baptized and it was LEGIT!! We met Severino at the Metro stop and quickly chatted with him before he had to catch the metro. In the past two weeks we have been able to teach him the lessons and basic principles of the gospel.. He is single man and we couldn´t teach him in his home so we normally taught him at Mcdonlads.. It made our lessons fun and interesting. He is one who has done research on many religions and practices his beliefs in a church here in Portugal (can´t remember the name) But the moment he picked up the book of mormon and read Nephi.. His mind was blown. He said the other day.. I know the book of mormon is true. I know Nephi was a prophet.. I want to be mormon.. we were kind of confused at first because we thought he wanted to be mormon the prophet.. ha ha but as he explained he said I want to be mormon.. I want to be baptized! He was so receptive to the lessons and the spirit. At church yesterday we talked about the priesthood in Gospel Principles and can´t wait to receive the priesthood. He is the greatest blessing from me right now in my mission.
Sometimes i hit these bumps in the mission and i think.. Is anyone really paying attention to what i am teaching?? Do they really care about the message or even Jesus Christ? Are they being baptized just to be baptized and never had plans to return to church?? Of course we all know who is putting those doubts in my mind, but it is really hard to tell when you have men professing their love for me and my companion during our missionary discussions. It is so annoying. Anyway, During the baptismal service Severino bore his testimony of how grateful he was that we stopped to talk to him at the metro stop the day we met him. He said he saw our smiles and when we began to talk about Heavenly Father, then he was hooked. He said that normally people just say God and don´t have respect for his name, but he loved the way we cherished his name and referred to him as Heavenly Father.. I am so excited for his future in the gospel because i know he is going to kill it out here.. He is not afraid to say what he feels and i know he will bear his testimony whenever he has the chance.. I truly still cannot comprehend my calling as a missionary. It is ridiculous, and such a blessing.
I know that the Book Of Mormon has an impact on peoples lives when they read it, whether they choose to express that they believe it or not. It is the word of God and shows us the way of life.. I am so grateful i have gained my testimony of the book of mormon sooner than later. Heavenly Father truly knows what is best for us and will shows us through diligent reading everyday..
I love you all XOXO
Com amor,
Irmã Boshard

p.s. Ooh, the Nylunds sent me a package with AMAZING chocolate.. oh my they are so sweet and thoughtful. Irmã Wilde and i ate it all in two seconds.. we were also doing a division with another irma and she loved it too... I am trying to make sure i can read the hand writing to send them a thank you, but can you confirm their address and send it to me..

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Monday, April 9, 2012


pic from my birthday..
ruthe and her granddaughter
misael and his family..
other randomsss..

You Are Loved

My sweet, ever so sweet sweet family... I love you. and if you didn´t know that already. i love you. Thank you for sending me letters and packages and birthday wishes.. I don´t even know where to start with what happened on my birthday. Obviously it is just another day in the mission, but Heavenly Father made this day full of miracles. So let´s start at square one.. Irmã Wilde was a sweetheart and made me a bowl of cereal with a birthday card and then we did some studies and left our house because we had an appointment with Alberto who we were trying to mark for baptism and during the week he kept saying i can´t commit to baptism. I need more time.. Let me think about this.. so we did. But Thursday morning he finally accepted baptism!!!! He said i am ready.. Show me the font, what am i wearing.. Let´s get it going.. MILAGRE.. then our sweet investigator Ruthe fed us this amazing pasta with her family.. We then contacted a bunch of people and found new investigators. then afterwards we went to another investigators house, Misael and his family had made me some specialty desserts from Brazil and it was incredible. We talked about conference with him and the plan of salvation. Misael´s sister told us that we don´t realize what a blessing we are in Misael´s life and he is so grateful that we knocked on his door. Irmã Wilde and i arrived in our house that night just on cloud 9 because this work is ridiculous. It´s unbelievably real.
Yesterday was Alberto´s baptism and it was LEGIT!!! He made HUGE changes this week to be baptized.. We found him last Friday, he came to conference on Sunday, We met with him Tuesday, taught him the word of wisdom.. He smokes, drinks coffee and drinks alcohol.. but he gave all of it up in ONE DAY! He has been smoking since he was 10 years old and never thought of it as an addiction because he is just accustom to smoking.. so this week he has been able to actually feel. things he has never felt before.. We were teaching him in the chapel one night and he told Irmã and i that he is just struggling in life. He cried and cried because he needs a job, his mom won´t talk to him, he can´t sleep and just wants to stop feeling.. He said that Book of Mormon has made him happy and has given him hope in life..
THESE ARE THE ELECT IN THE WORLD... You know when i email home in despair because i feel like we don´t have any progressing investigators?? Well.. you see I am thinking of the eternities every day here and i literally feel sick when we are not finding the elect because i know they are out there.. they are our friends.. our neighbors.. there are so many of heavenly Father´s children who don´t even know this is what they need, but the moment we open our mouths and share our testimony, they will recognize the spirit and recognize heavenly fathers voice. Doubt not, fear not.. We are here to do the work of the Lord..
Oh.. side note. funny story.. Yesterday i filled up the baptismal font and whelp. I over filled.. and water started coming out from every corner in the basement in the chapel and it wasn´t just water.. It was pee pee poopy water.. It smelled SO BAD and we had to wipe it all up in 30 minutes before the baptism started.. I felt horrible.. Who does that??? Obviously only Irmã Boshard.. But everything else went really well and Alberto is so happy and ready to live the rest of his life in the gospel.
Be diligent in all that you do. Take care! XOXO
Com Amor,
Irmã Boshard

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Monday, April 2, 2012


Conference weekend, transfers, my new greenie, training.. again!


Basically i am training again, General conference was suuuper and we are starting one more week in this transfer.. what more can i ask for.. Heavenly Father is just blessing me up the wazoo.. I love him and his servants that so carefully told us that the second coming is like tomorrow?? We know it is close but i am so excited and so ready to prepare Gods children for the moment they meet our savior. Yeah, my calling is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

My new greenie is Irmã Wilde. She is from Arizona, 5´11, blond, big white teeth and all the Portuguese men love her ha ha she stands out like the diamond ring on my finger.. ha ha by the way, Thanks for the birthday\ Easter package.. The diamond ctr ring is beautiful. Irmã Wilde arrived her and the first thing she told me is she is ready to work and it seems like she has already been a missionary for 18 months. Yeah.. She is legit and just what Almada needs to get going.

I received grandma Boshards package.. tell her thank you.. Whit sent me a package too.. Thanks.. you are all so thoughtful and letters! Thank you for all who sent me letters. Sorry i just don´t write back fast enough..

The work out here is picking up.. We have some elect investigators. Ruthe and Antonio are a cute little couple from Angola. Ruthe treats us like we are her daughters and always feeds us snacks at her house.. Her husband Antonio sometimes acts like he is not interested in our message but he listens from the computer and chimes in every now and then.. OH he also has been checking out the church website and has been watching conference talks in the past.. So pretty much we are preparing them to be the best members of the church!!! We are so excited for their progress and what is to come in the next week.

Misael is another one of our progressing investigators. He is from Brazil and is an incredible husband and father. He is so preoccupied with his family that we have really focused on teaching about families. He loves it. He is really checking out the websites, reading the book of mormon and he came to conference yesterday.. He has SO been prepared by the lord for us.. We met him knocking doors and it was meant to be. The lord truly guides his missionaries to the elect. I still struggle understanding people and what they are saying but along the way i am growing and doing the best i can.

I hope you all have had a great Easter week\weekend.. Take care. Know that i love you and i am ever so grateful to be a part of your family! The church is true. Be kind to one another. The servants of god pretty much confirmed what i always say to you. Thanks.

Com Amor,

Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family