Monday, November 23, 2009

Lily's Cleaners (THE WORST PLACE EVER)

I had the craziest experience as i went to the dry cleaners tonight. My friend Brea took her brand new jacket to the dry cleaners because there was a baby print with spit up on the back of her coat. It wasn't a big spot and shouldn't be very hard to get out. Well, when Brea went to pick up her jacket, it was completely ruined. The press has flattened the pockets and you could see all the lining on the outside. The cleaners did an awful, awful job. Brea came to work upset about what happened to her jacket so i decided i would go back with her to the cleaners to see what they could do to help fix her jacket. As we walked in the door and explained the situation, Lily (the owner) automatically became defensive and started yelling at the two of us. She said it was the fabric that made the jacket look like crap. Then Lily proceeded to tell Brea her coat was cheap and poor quality. I chimed into tell Lily she had the worst customer service i have ever seen. She told me to shut up and i am not apart of the situation. WHOLLY MOLLY!!!! Who says that to a customer? Brea went on to ask for her jacket to go through the cleaners again and if it does not look the way it should, she would like her monies worth for the jacket. Lily went on to say sue me! Brea and i were in shock. No one should ever be treated poorly because a worker screwed up and wouldn't own up to their mistake. Come on!! I don't even know how it escalated into a yelling fight. It was insane. An owner of a company should NEVER EVER treat their customer like that. Lily's cleaner is located in Saratoga Springs. Don't ever go their and give her your business.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Get On With It

I've decided to get on with it! I found an appartment and i am moving out in April!! I'm freaking out. For so long everyone has told me to get out of my parents house and go live in Provo.. Well, that is exactly what i am doing. My mom was really sad when i told her last night. She wants me to stay home forever. Ha ha I'm pretty sure i will finish my generals at UVU and then hopefully transfer to the University of Utah. I just love that school and i am a total city girl. Life will be completely different, but i need that change. Where i am at in my life just isn't working. I'm not as close with people as i thought and other people seem to be moving on with their life faster than i can get my life started. It just seems like a good time to go for change.