Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Festival of Colors

I have never been to an event like this! It was crazy, loud, busy, oh just so much going on. It was insane. There had to be thousands of people at this event. It was so much fun though. Someone threw the chalk in my mouth and it was NASTY! Ewww.. I was not expecting that to happen, and you could hardly breathe when everyone is in the middle of the crowd. It was packed.. But i will do it again next year for sure! It was worth every second!

My cute sister Hannah and me.. and our dog Jack

This doesn't even justify how many people were there

My Feet were so gross and dirty

This is my beautiful friend Tania

Michael (Tania's boyfriend), Tania and me

David Archuleta Concert

On Friday I went to see David Archuleta. He was A-MAZING.Wow, what a voice!! I went with my sister Drew and my Mom. It was a sold out show and there were girls SCREAMING the entire time. But i still enjoyed the whole show for sure. So, before the concert we went to dinner and we waited an hour and a half to eat at the Cheesecake factory. The lady said it would only be 30 minutes.. It was so frustrating and my mom was so mad.. they kept telling us it would be another 10 minutes every 10 minutes and after another 30 minutes went by we left.. It was awful.. Aside from the horrible service i love their food too much to not go back. I love the fried mac and cheese and the spring rolls and of course the cheesecake.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Las Vegas Trip

I went to Vegas over the weekend for one day and one night and it was awesome! Tania, Ashlee and i drove there. I wish we could have stayed longer but that's okay.. We left EARLY on Saturday morning and arrived in Vegas around 1pm. We were going going going all day and got everything we wanted done! Our feet hurt so bad when we got back to the hotel we about died! We stayed at the Excalibur and it was in the perfect location. So, on Saturday we went to see the M&M factory and we went shopping!!!!! I love shopping in Vegas. We went on the Gondola at the Venetian hotel.. Best thing i have ever done! It was so cool! We saw the water show at the Bellagio, the volcano show at the Mirage and did a little more shopping! Sunday Morning when we woke up it was kind of stormy but we went to the pool anyway. It was so empty.. We sat in the hot tub and it began to rain.. but it wasn't too bad! We loved it! After we went hot tubing for 20 minutes we decided to go and finish up the afternoon with some last minute site seeing. We went on the New York New York roller coaster and then ate at the cutest restaurant in the hotel. After that we went to see the Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay hotel. It was pretty dang cool.

These are some pictures from the aquarium. It was so cool. I was able to touch the sting rays! EEEKKK...

This is Ashlee and me eating at a restaurant in the New York New York hotel.

Tania was cold and didn't have a jacket.. I felt so bad.

These shoes cost $1,375.00!!!!!!! Tania and i were IN LOVE and wanted them so bad!

I was pretty shocked at all the colors for the M&M's! It was insane!

This is us driving at 6 am.. On our way to VEGAS!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things will get worse before they get better

Today was the best day until i came to work... I found out that XanGo had laid off 60 people through out the company today. I feel so sick. It makes me so sad because i knew a lot of the people who no longer have a job here. They have families, kids, bills.. oh just so many responsibilities. I feel SO BLESSED to have a job and have money to pay the bills. My heart is breaking because i know so many people are struggling. XanGo is such a wonderful company because everyone they laid off went home with severance; and that is exactly what they did last year when we had lay offs.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Vegas better get ready!!!

So today my friend Ashlee decided we are going to Vegas NEXT WEEKEND!!!!! Oh my gosh i am so excited i can't even handle it! Then i came to work and i found out there is a regional in Vegas in April and i get to go!!!! Life is good!! I love Vegas and i can't wait to eat at the buffets and go shopping and lay out with my free time! Dang! I just want it to be next weekend!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things need to change

So i have had a run of a few bad months lately. Life doesn't feel the same. Things are changing and i want to change as a person. I want to do a service project so bad. I would love to go to Africa for a month or longer to help out where i can! I need to be more selfless and think of others. School has been tough for me and i really want to improve. I took a test today and i didn't pass. It is the most awful feeling. I hate it because then i feel like i won't pass the class, then i won't graduate college, then i won't get a good job.. and on and on.. ha ha i make myself crazy! I need direction. I need to change whatever it is in my life that is holding me back. I always say, "life sucks, then you die." But really it is what we make of it and i am making it suck! I need to look for opportunities instead of wait for them to happen. There is so much i could do out there and i can't just focus on one thing. If you have any suggestions or anything to get me started I would LOVE IT!!! By the way.. The new Nordstrom is opening tomorrow and it will be amazing! I cannot wait!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jason Mesnick is the worst Bachelor

This is Molly the rebound

This is Melissa who is too good for Jason anyway

This is Jason the worst bachelor EVER!

I could not even believe what happened last night on the Bachelor. I was so excited Jason picked Melissa and i thought they were the cutest couple and they would be a great family. Especially when they jumped in the pool in their nice clothes after Jason proposed... Well all of America guessed wrong!!!!!!!! Melissa was right when she said Jason is a bastard! How could you do what Jason did to Melissa on TV and then turn around and mac on Molly after Melissa gave her ENGAGEMENT RING 2 seconds before! It made me sick to sit there and watch what was happening. I hope Melissa finds the most amazing man who loves her and will never do what Jason did to her. I hope she is not the next bachelorette.. Melissa is too good for that show!

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's finally March

I am so glad we are in the month of March. The weather is getting better and I L.O.V.E. it!! I had a pretty good weekend. It was better than most lately. Ha ha I hung out with my sister and her husband. We went to a surprise party for my dear friend Mattie Tate. I never see her and i wish we went back to the good times we had! We used to tan in my front year during the summer and there were construction guys out front! Ha ha we didn't even care.

On Saturday, I went on a blind double date with my friend Melissa. Her date was Jake and my date was Chase. They were such cute boys. We went to the Jazz game and a couple that was sitting right by us got engaged. The jazz bear and some of the dancers were surrounding them as he proposed. It was so cute, but that's not my cup of tea.. I would want it to be just us and no one else. That is a special moment. Anyway, after the game we went and played pool at Chase's house and then the game " I have never ever..." I was horrible because i had no idea what to say. Oh well... The first date is out of the way and the second usually turns out better!

Sunday was seriously the best day ever. I cried all day but it was a good cry. Our sacrament meeting was about the economy and how we are going to face some tough times but we can get through this. We have been warned for years about getting our food storage ready and make sure we are on the right path and doing what is right. I feel to blessed and lucky to live in such a wonderful home and have amazing parents who teach me so much everyday!