Monday, August 29, 2011



Transfers are today and...... I am staying in Odivelas. Irmã Joslin is leaving me and i am freaking out! Irmã Joslin only has one more transfer left and then she is going home to St. George. It´s funny to see missionaries getting close to going home.. They are not ready! I have always thought missionaries can´t wait to get out.. but nope.. a lot of them love it in the field.. I can know see why.. but anyway.. I am staying another transfer here in Odivelas and I hardly know this area and i am getting a new companion from the Porto mission. I think her name is Irmã, ugh i can´t remember. I am so nervous to get around this city. Heavenly Father is going to have to help me in overtime this transfer.

This last week was crazy with one investigator.. His name is Lucio. He has a problem with smoking and depression. I can´t remember if i started talking about him last week but i´ll tell you again.. He is miserable in this life and he thinks that by smoking it will kill him. He wants to die and get out of the situation with his ex. As we taught him, we made many promises to him that the lord will help him if he comes close to Christ and is baptized. Yet everyday he would still smoke and tell us how hard it is to stop. We fasted, the Elders gave him a blessing, Irmã and i would pray with him on the phone when we couldn´t meet with him and long story short... He was baptized yesterday!! It was amazing. The service was small and so spiritual. It was just what Lucio needed. He was happy and all smiles yesterday. I loved every moment of watching his life change in the last 2ish weeks. Irmã and i tried to mark our investigator Alexandro this week, but he just insn´t sure if he should really be baptized twice.. It´s frustrating to testify and try to help others gain a testimony and they don´t really want to work for their own testimony. Then we did actually mark another investigator Madelena for baptism this Sunday.. She has a fear of water because she almost drown once, but we are working with her and she wants to be baptized. This work is growing insanely fast. So many blessings from the lord.

Last night Irmã and i met a girl who is dating a less active in our area.. We gave her the first lesson, she already has a book of mormon and is going to pray about what we taught to see if it is true. She loves everything about the gospel and i think she already has somewhat of a testimony of the book of mormon. Tonight we are going to meet with her and invite her to be baptized.

So- I have some answers for your questions fam.. My flat.. is incredible. I have heard that it is the nicest flat in the mission. it´s pretty big for the apartments here in Portugal.. or at least what i have seen so far. It is in the perfect location too. Right in the city by the Metro, Bus stations, Mini market, fruit market, the church is a 2 minute walk.. So you want to know what we eat.. hmmm everything! ha ha Mom- they have a lion bar cereal and it is delish! I thought of you and bought it. The Yogurt is a million times better here.. The juices are divine.. i love the walffle things we use to buy at the London Market, pastries are to die for, oh i could go on forever about the food.
Last night at a Recent Converts house i tried goat.. It was yummy.

oh this is my address in Odivelas.. the other address from last week is the mission office in Benfica.. send packages and other stuff there.. but send letters here for the next 6 weeks until i tell you if i am transferred again.

Nº5 3D
ODIVELAS 2675-279

One thing i really miss is being able to go to the temple. I love talking about the temple that will be built here though. People get so excited! Yet we still don´t have news about ground breaking or things of that sort.. Have you read anything about it? The stake president and President Torgan are very hush hush on this topic.. so you probably know as much as i do.. nothing. ha ha

I still love it out here. Yes, the work is tough but i am here for the Lord. I am ever so grateful to be serving.
I´ve gotta go and wait for my new comp. I love you. Take Care.


Irmã Boshard

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Week As A Greenie!


Family- you are all so incredibly wonderful. Just so you know i have an hour to email every week.. I love hearing from you since i only get your letters twice a transfer. This is my last week as a greenie! My first transfer is almost over! OH MY.. sorry President sent you a letter about sending letters to the mission home. I didn´t know that was the mission home address.. Send letters here until i get you my residence address.

This week i went to Benfica again for Zone Conference. My mission president is THE MAN. I love him so much. He knows things that blow me out of the water. He told us we need to always be walking with Christ. If we are not seeing success in the mission.. It is because we are not walking with Christ.. He said many other things.. I just don´t have time to give you a run down of our 8 hour meeting.

Remember Rolsalino i told you about last week?? He is seriously lacking faith. He didn´t go to church last week, and we kinda dropped him because he wanted to go back to his life before he met us. He wasn´t willing to pay 10% for tithing. He thinks God shouldn´t tell us how much to pay.. we should be able to pay what we want.. Whatever Rosalino.. so- He´s not elect and we moved on very quickly. It is sad but i cannot dwell on those not willing to be baptized. I have to find the elect!

this weekend we had 4 baptisms. two little girls and two men in their 30´s. It was a CRAZY week. I can´t even tell you how busy we were and how much Satan tried to influence all of our lives. He did not want these baptisms to happen. Sandro smokes and drinks coffee. We tried all week to help with stop and the day of his interview with the DL he had a cup of coffee but didn´t tell Irmã and i. So Elder James said he needed to meet with him again before he was baptized. Long story short.. Sandro was baptized. Diamontino was impossible to meet with this week. People here are SO FLAKY!!!!! They don´t care about time or appointments. I get so annoyed.

Yesterday at church 2 people didn´t show up to receive the holy ghost and 1 man didn´t show up to receive the priesthood. We called them and one was out of town and forgot about church. the other was at her dads house and the other guy who needs the priesthood... well, Irmã and i tracked him down. During church we went to his house and told him how important it is to go to church. It is a commandment. I told him we won´t always be here to help you.. He said his head hurt and he couldn´t walk to church.. BAH!! I know i can´t make anyone do anything but i so badly want people to realize what this gospel will do for them!

Yesterday Irmã and i went to the Stake Presidents house for lunch.They made the best Portuguese food. President said that when you look out the window of his living room, you can see where the temple is going to be built! He won´t tell us when or where, but amazzzing riiight! I am so excited for these elect people out here. What a blessing.

We have a new investigator and we committed him to baptism this Sunday. His name is Lucio. He is Brazilian and has a miserable life right now. He is divorced, has two daughters and his ex wants him in prison.. She sounds crazy. Lucio smokes like 40 cigarettes a day and he has gotten down to about 10 or less a day. The spirit is amazing and he is being blessed. Everyday we see a change in him. He came to church with his daughter yesterday and he felt so good. He has read a lot of the book of mormon and has that desire to be closer to Christ. It is humbling to be apart of this process. I see miracles everyday.

The language is getting better and it is easier to stop people on the streets. I´ve kind of had a hard time stopping someone in their tracks. but with the help of the Lord, the work is becoming more natural for me.

Thank you for your support! I have pictures to send to you. They´ll be off this week. You are are amazing and i am so blessed to have you as my family. There is a reason for everything and this grand plan god has for us is indescribable. It is a privilege for me to serve these people and bring them unto Christ. There isn´t a better calling in this world.

I love you all!! XOXO

Take Care,

Irmã Boshard

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Monday, August 15, 2011

This Work Is Unreal

Hi There Fam-

I can´t believe how the time flies out here in the mission field. It goes by quicker than the MTC. I never thought that was possible. This last week was full of opposition and many blessings. First off- i went to the mission office in Benfica for a zone meeting and there i found many wonderful letters from my family and friends. Thank you, Thank you! I love the pictures!!!!! ISLA is beautiful and so big! I love her smiles and TEETH! OH MY. Drew and Tanner- you made a good looking baby. Drew you´re just beautiful and Boomer.. Dude you´re a giant. How tall are you now? Mom- You still are just beautiful and grandma jake is looking good too.

The members here are superb! We get to eat with them a few times every week and I LOVE the food. I´ve had African food, Brazilian and Portuguese so far. Mom- I have some great recipes for you when i come home! Everyone here eats rice and french fries with everything. It´s hilarious and i love it. annd the Juice.. is to die for. I wish they juice like this in America.

Okay- if you want to know what my days are like contacting here in Odivelas.. they go like this.. We get creepy stares from old men, whistles from apartment windows, we get honked at AND Irmã and i tired to contact a guy the other day and he wanted to go buy us a cup of coffee. ha ha It sometimes get frustrating when we have contacted someone and then they ended up just only wanting to talk to us and they want nothing to do with the church.

There are a bajillion Jehova´s Witness here. They always bash the church and make people think the missionaries here are preaching false doctrines. One of our investigators, Edson was stopped by the Jehova´s Witnesses and he said oh i am already being baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ. They said how long have you been taking the discussions? He said about a week and a half.. they said that is too soon.. you have to wait 7 months. They said he was praying wrong and he shouldn´t be joining the church and it left Edson feeling really sad. He called us right away and said, Irmãs... i need to meet with you right now. I am feeling sad because the Jehova´s witnesses told me i was making a bad decision and i just need to talk about what they said. So we ran to the chapel to meet him. We prayed and read the scriptures with him. He felt much better and was Baptized yesterday! It was such a special experience. He has been prepared for a LONG time now. Yesterday Edson said he really wants to go to the temple and do work for his brother who died some time ago. When we taught him about the plan of salvation and temples of course i cried. ha ha It was tender.

This last week we had 4 people marked to be baptized for next weekend. Two of them did´t show up at church yesterday which means they can´t be baptized until the week after. Rosalino is a young man we marked last week and he has loved the lesson and commandments except the law of tithing. Saturday night we sat on the steps of his apartment for and hour and a half talking about why he is not willing to pay 10%. He said he should be able to pay what he wants and God shouldn´t establish an amount. Irmã Joslin told him he was prideful and God is God. He established this Law. We should´t doubt what he says. Rosalino said, well i just want to go back to the way i was living before i met you. Maybe later i will want to join the church. Irmã then laid it all out there. She said we are the ONLY ones who have the authority right now, in Odivleas to bring you closer to Christ and be baptized. I tried so hard to bear my testimony and tell him the importance of the commandments and how happy his life will be if he follows Christ.. He didn´t say anything and finally we left because it was like talking to a wall. That morning i was reading in Preach My Gospel and there is a quote by Elder Holland that says, these are real people you are talking to. They are not robots or a Baptismal statistic. We are dealing with their salvation. I so badly want to fulfill the Lords will and accomplish my purpose as a missionary. I haven´t had to deal with much opposition in my first few weeks here and now that is it starting to happen it´s like... ahhh what do i do? ha ha But i know there is purpose for EVERYTHING. If i am being obedient and doing what the Lord wants me to do.. Everything will work out according to his will.

This upcoming saturday we hav 3 baptisms planed and 1 for Sunday.. but since 2 of our investigators didn´t come to church i am not sure what will happen this week. It is in the Lords hands. I am just grateful to one of his tools and preach here in Portugal. It´s hard but worth every second. All is well.. All is well.

I hope you are all doing well. I Love you!


Irmã Boshard

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Olá minha bonita família!

I don´t know if that is said correctly above, but i continue to butcher my way through Portuguese. The city of Odivelas is wonderful. The members here are incredible. Our ward just took the recent converts on a trip to the Madrid Spain Temple. They make huge sacrifices to catch a bus and drive there for just one day. We are so blessed to have a bajillion temples in Utah. You don´t understand or realize until you are actually gone. I miss going to the temple. I can´t wait to get back! If the temple was built here in Odivelas that would be amazing! The elders here think the temple will be built in Benfica.. Right next to the soccer stadium. I asked President Torgan about it, and he isn´t saying much. ha ha He said we have to wait.

This last week has been incredible. Actually- as Irmã Joslin and i were on our way to emailing you we marked someone for baptism this Sunday!!!!!! We are extremely happy right now! Also, yesterday we baptized a little boy named Ivo. He couldn´t stop smiling. Right now we are teaching a guy named Edson. We found him on the street contacting last week and he is elect!! Seriously. while we were contacting him he said, there are so many churches.. i don´t know which one is true. My parents are catholic and i just don´t know where to go. We gave him the first lesson right then and there, prayed with him and made an appointment to meet with him again. When we met with him again we talked about the Book of Mormon and more about Joseph Smith. He committed to reading and praying about. The next day he called and said Irmãs.. It´s true. I know it is true. I started crying and couldn´t believe it. It was an incredible experience. I can´t put into words right now how i feel.

There are days when i get so frustrated because i can only speak in the most broken Portuguese and it is difficult for me to express how i am truly feeling. One day i just started crying in the middle of the sidewalk. I was like Heavenly Father- Why is this so hard? Let me just communicate with someone.. then- all of a sudden Irmã joslin stops someone and i prayed with them. ha ha it´s funny how Heavenly Father works. He always knows how to humble me and then lift my spirits again. I knew this wasn´t going to be easy.. but i have realized how much i love communicating. Line upon line, precept upon precept.. I know it will eventually come. I get anxiety sitting in church because i can´t understand anyone. It´s hard to because some of them have a Brazilian accent and it´s slightly different from the Portuguese accent.

My Trainer slash companion is great! She has been here for 1 year and 3 months. She knows a lot and teaches me everyday. I am very grateful for her. We have fun all the time and we make sure to stop in the pastry shop every once in a while. The other day we needed a pick me up and we stopped to get a pastry- they had a deal going on.. 5 pastries for 3 euros! It was incredible and we ate half of everything at the bus stop. It was picture perfect moment.

sorry this is being cut short today- It is zone pday and we are going to lunch and then play ultimate Frisbee in another area. I love you all so so much! All is well here in Portugal and i hope all is well with you my amazing family! Take care!

Irmã Boshard


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