Friday, August 5, 2011

Olá minha bonita família!

I don´t know if that is said correctly above, but i continue to butcher my way through Portuguese. The city of Odivelas is wonderful. The members here are incredible. Our ward just took the recent converts on a trip to the Madrid Spain Temple. They make huge sacrifices to catch a bus and drive there for just one day. We are so blessed to have a bajillion temples in Utah. You don´t understand or realize until you are actually gone. I miss going to the temple. I can´t wait to get back! If the temple was built here in Odivelas that would be amazing! The elders here think the temple will be built in Benfica.. Right next to the soccer stadium. I asked President Torgan about it, and he isn´t saying much. ha ha He said we have to wait.

This last week has been incredible. Actually- as Irmã Joslin and i were on our way to emailing you we marked someone for baptism this Sunday!!!!!! We are extremely happy right now! Also, yesterday we baptized a little boy named Ivo. He couldn´t stop smiling. Right now we are teaching a guy named Edson. We found him on the street contacting last week and he is elect!! Seriously. while we were contacting him he said, there are so many churches.. i don´t know which one is true. My parents are catholic and i just don´t know where to go. We gave him the first lesson right then and there, prayed with him and made an appointment to meet with him again. When we met with him again we talked about the Book of Mormon and more about Joseph Smith. He committed to reading and praying about. The next day he called and said Irmãs.. It´s true. I know it is true. I started crying and couldn´t believe it. It was an incredible experience. I can´t put into words right now how i feel.

There are days when i get so frustrated because i can only speak in the most broken Portuguese and it is difficult for me to express how i am truly feeling. One day i just started crying in the middle of the sidewalk. I was like Heavenly Father- Why is this so hard? Let me just communicate with someone.. then- all of a sudden Irmã joslin stops someone and i prayed with them. ha ha it´s funny how Heavenly Father works. He always knows how to humble me and then lift my spirits again. I knew this wasn´t going to be easy.. but i have realized how much i love communicating. Line upon line, precept upon precept.. I know it will eventually come. I get anxiety sitting in church because i can´t understand anyone. It´s hard to because some of them have a Brazilian accent and it´s slightly different from the Portuguese accent.

My Trainer slash companion is great! She has been here for 1 year and 3 months. She knows a lot and teaches me everyday. I am very grateful for her. We have fun all the time and we make sure to stop in the pastry shop every once in a while. The other day we needed a pick me up and we stopped to get a pastry- they had a deal going on.. 5 pastries for 3 euros! It was incredible and we ate half of everything at the bus stop. It was picture perfect moment.

sorry this is being cut short today- It is zone pday and we are going to lunch and then play ultimate Frisbee in another area. I love you all so so much! All is well here in Portugal and i hope all is well with you my amazing family! Take care!

Irmã Boshard


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