Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fatima's Baptism ~ August 26, 2012

My calling is so great as a missionary that i think it is actually better than the prophets calling.. I don´t know if that´s appropriate to joke about, but that´s how i feel. ha ha Every single day, all day, every minute is dedicated to walking the streets, knocking doors, meeting and eating with members, and teaching the gospel.. oh it is RIDICULOUS....

Yesterday we baptized the most incredible woman i have ever taught. Her name is Maria Fatima Jesus Fernandes. We call her Fatima. She randomly showed up in church alone, a few weeks ago because the irmãs a few months ago contacted her on the street.. Every time since we have met with her she has been progressing like CRAZY!! She came to a lesson one time and had filled out the back of the plan of salvation pamphlet with questions thoughts and the study with scriptures in the bible and book of mormon. This was the lesson that i knew she was ELECT. As we talked about death and the spirit world, she asked.. well what happens to all those who don´t have a body in the spirit world? they can´t be baptized.. How can they be saved if they are not baptized?? WELL FATIMA... Lemme just tell you about temples.. So Irmã Baer and i explained the importance of temples and how sacred they are because we get to do special ordinances such as baptisms for the dead.. It all clicked for her. She said well yeah, because Christ taught about that but i don´t know of other religions that practice baptisms for the dead.

For the last 20 years she has been on a quest.. looking for the right church to teach her and guide her to really know Christ. SHE FOUND IT AND I AM THRILLLED!! After Fatima was dunked in the freezing cold water ( we forgot to heat it up.. ooops) she came up and said Hallelujah like 3 times. She cried and looked to Mariano ( the member that baptized her) she said, Are you doing okay? How do you feel? She is so sweet, i know she felt the power of Heavenly Father. Fatima then, went to change her clothes, and as she came out she was still crying and feeling blissful. She gave Mariano a big hug and said thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for what you did for me. She wouldn´t let him go. I cried because Mariano is MY RECENT CONVERT! Irmã Mortensen and i baptized him last year and look at the progress he is making.. He´s already been to the temple a few times, honorably holding the priesthood and baptizing my recent converts!!!

I LOVE THIS WORK. I love being back in Odivelas and i am such a humble servant in the lords hands.. He has blessed us with miracles and blessings beyond my comprehension. Sometimes i can´t comprehend the power of this calling. We are truly changing lives and peoples salvation.

The divisions that I have been doing lately are going well. Like i explained before, President Fluckiger has asked that i go on splits with the other senior companions so that we can learn and work together. and it is kind of like a training thing as well. to help the other senior companions grow and learn about the work I get to to this with 4 different areas.. Basically every week i leave Odivelas for 24 hours and work in the area of the other senior companions. I have been able to learn a lot and teach a lot. It´s amazing how the Lord knows exactly where i need to be, who i need to help and what i have to offer them.

I had a special opportunity to help a companionship this week. Two sweet irmãs have been struggling in their area and the work has been overwhelmingly (is that a word?) hard. What they needed was some advice, and to learn other ways to work. Irmã Baer stayed with the Junior companion in odivelas and i got to stay with the senior companion in her area. During the division we did a lot of contacting and met with less actives and overall.. it was exactly what this Irmã needed. These divisions are so inspired and helpful.

Keep praying for us out here. I love the work. I love this ward and i love my savior.
Stay close to the Lord this week. He walks with you, guiding you and directing you.
Don´t give up on him.
Com muito amor,
Irmã Boshard

Monday, August 20, 2012

Heeellloo.... Have i got the story for all of you today.. I am so excited to share with you once again the power of heavenly father and the power of my AMAZNG calling as a missionary.

Well, Monday night Irmã Baer and i were in Olival Basto in the neighborhood of Bloco D. It is straight up Cape Verde and Africa up there.. It´s located on the side of the mountain and we walk there everyday saying hot bods, hot bods, hot bods, because it is so hot outside and we sweat every ounce of liquid that is inside our bodies. ha ha Anyway- so we went up to Bloco D and began to contact a man named Avelino.. He is major elect.. he asked when church starts because he really wants to come and asked a little about sacrament meeting, so i explained what he needed to know but in the mean time i could see irmã Baer in the corner of my eyes and she was really distracted.. she looked nervous and i had no idea what was going on.. so i wrapped up the contact and we walked away.. ..

the first thing that came out of her mouth was, Irmã.. are you ready to cast the devil out of someone?? I laughed in her face and said.. ya ya.. we kept walking and she said no really.. Sofia is possessed.. (side note: sofia is one of our investigators that we have been teaching for a few weeks) So.. We walk down to sofias house and as we are standing in front of her door all i could hear was screaming and wailing.. The sound reminded me of the Scripture in Moses 1 when Moses talks about the gnashing of teeth and Satan wailing because he didn´t get his way.. It was a chilling sound.. really.. so then.. There was a man in front of the door and we asked if we could enter.. he said no.. leave it alone.. I asked Irmã Baer what we should do.. She said Irmã, When you were talking to Avelino i saw Sofia rocking back and forth in a chair, She was yelling at people in a deep voice and suddenly she collapsed and was out cold on the floor.. Her neighbors were surrounding her and slapping her face to wake her up. A young boy looked up at Irmã Baer in the middle of all this and yelled for help and the moment she woke up, she let out a roar and was scratching people in the face.. A few men took her inside and now were are back to Irmã and i standing in front of her door. Irmã and i were debating on what to do..

We talked about us being the only 2 people with the power and authority to do this in Odivelas.. so we insisted to enter the home. A man named jorge finally let us in after Irmã Baer got really bold with him and said said.. LOOK, WE NEED TO ENTER YOUR HOUSE AND SAY A PRAYER WITH SOFIA NOW. So he let us in.. As we walked in the house we could hear the screaming and wailing getting louder. My heart was pounding but i knew the Lord would protect us. We turned the corner in Sofia´s house and saw he kneeling on the floor hunched over the sofa.. We called her name but she didn´t respond. I was timid to touch her because i didn´t want to get whacked in the face.. but i didn´t anyway and as she turned around she looked at us with the most hopeless and helpless eyes i have ever seen. She sat up in the sofa and said, My life is over, My life is over.. I want to die.. Irmã and i grabbed her hands and Irmã Baer said, do you have the faith that Jesus Christ will cure you? She nodded her head and gripped tightly to our hands.. Irmã Baer began to say a prayer but couldn´t get her words out... she said it was like someone was grabbing her throat.. so she began to pray in English and pleaded with the lord for the devil to leave her body.. We could slowly feel her grip getting lighter and there was an overwhelming feeling of the spirit in her home. We knew the Lord was with us and his power was evident because the evil presence was gone. Sofia opened her eyes and said thank you repeatedly 15 times.. She was so happy.. We then decided to sing a hymn with her.. I am a child of god.. the whole time Sofia smiled and looked like a completely different person.

I KNOW THE POWER OF HEAVENLY FATHER IS HERE ON EARTH!!!! I have chills just thinking about the great trust he has in Irmã Baer and i to take care of his children and help them to feel of his love and power.. This was the second time in my mission to do something like this.. We just needed to have the faith and trust in god that he was with us and guiding us to take care of his daughter Sofia. I am a humble servant of the Lord. I am ready for whatever is it that he needs me to do. The gospel has been restored to the earth and i know we are preparing for the second coming of our lord. Count your blessings everyday.. don´t ever doubt the power of the lord. He is with you, guiding you to help those around you.

Take care my sweet little family. I love you all and thanks for supporting me as i serve and represent the lord. BEIJOS XOXOCom amor,Irmã Boshard

p.s. Irmã Baers blog will most likely will have the same stroy.. refer to her blog if you want to :) She is better at telling stories. Me.. not so much. Sorry.

Monday, August 13, 2012

I Love to see the temple....In Portugal someday....

Oii família...

I can only start this email by counting all my blessings.. really. Heavenly Father is so good. So so good. I am so grateful for Irmã Baer. She is a huge reason i have returned to Odivelas. She is kind, thoughtful.. and well just so in tune with the spirit. She always leaves little post it notes on my scriputres so when i go to study in the morning she has left me an uplifting quote and scriptures.. She is just what i need this transfer.

Do you remember my sweet little companion Irmã Barlow in Almada?? Well.. A few weeks ago she called me and told me that she baptized 4 people that i had been teaching.. Misael, Valdino, Beatriz and Rosa.. YEAH.. I about died and feel to the ground when i heard the news. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have taught them and helped them find the gospel. I always feel like if i didn´t see the fruits of my labors i didn´t fulfill my purpose, and that is how i felt when i left almade, but look!!!! 4 of my sweet friends were baptized!

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers to help heavenly fathers children enter the waters of baptism. Irmã Barlow is just killing it out here in the field. I am so proud of her.. all my greenies (well they are not greenies anymore, but they are to me) they are all doing so well. I am grateful for every opportunity to serve.. This week i did my first division with Irmã João in Lapa.. It is in the heart of Lisboa. We were able to mark 3 investigators for baptism and it was amazing. We walked in the house and there was 2 young men and 5 young girls sitting on the couch just chatting and when they saw us enter they all grabbed their book of mormon and were ready to listen. It was adorable. As we began to talk about our purpose on earth on of the young men said, i know your church is true. I know the book of mormon is true. When can i be baptized? I said, well that is a good question. Why don´t we kneel and ask Heavenly Father. So all of us got on our knees and after we prayed and pondered 2 of the other kids said we
want to be baptized on the 19th of this month. We all felt good about it and well. they have decided to make this change in their life! It was an experience that stregthened my testimony of the power of the book of mormon. If these kids hadn´t been reading the book of mormon, they would have never had the desire or received a response from god to be baptized.

Heavenly Father is sending us his elect. The Elect recognize his voice and will immediately act because they know it is what they should do. It's like all we have to do is be worthy to enter their home with the spirit and they already know. Ahhhhhhh i wish everyone in the world could feel they way i feel right now. I don´t even know how to express my feelings i am squeeling with joy.

Yesterday at church our stake president talked about temples and he talked a little bit about the temple in portugal. He said it is a priviege to go to the temple. It is literally the house of the lord. We receive revelation there and it is a symbol of sacrifices. if we don´t make sacrifices how can we receive the priviege of of having a temple here so close to our homes. It was a great talk and the leaders are really trying to get the members in gear to help us retain our recent converts so they can finally break ground for the temple.. It is so excited. Elder Nelson will be here in a few weeks to talk to the leaders here in Portugal. It is so exciting..

Keep praying for us out here. We are doing all that we can to fight against satan and his foolish tactics. We are coming out on top..

I hope you all continue to stay strong and remember our savior in all that you do. You are all so wonderful and amazing! Take care :)

Beijos XOXO
Com amor,

Irmã Boshard

Monday, August 6, 2012


Yesterday was my first day back in the Odivelas ward and i LOVED it. ahhh What a blessing to return to an area that i started my mission in. The members here are incredible. This area truly is elect. Irmã Baer and i had 3 beaaautiful baptisms yesterday. Marcia, Carlos and Zdani. They are all cousins. They´re adorable and their uncle is Tomé. Tomé is a member in our ward and he was actually baptized last year right before i arrived in Odivelas. It´s amazing to see his progression and see that he is still strong and even preaching the gospel. I am so grateful that one my recent converts Mariano is still strong too.. ahh count your blessings :)

This week Irmã Baer and i were contacting in the city and found a man named Isadoro. He said, oh i know Mariano. He goes to your church. He said, Mariano has invited me many times to your church but i haven´t yet made it there. I would love to come though. So we marked an appointment to meet with him on Saturday in the chapel, and Mariano was able to attend and help us teach. It was priceless. There is nothing in this world that can describe how i felt seeing Mariano testify of the first vision. He explained his conversion and how he felt at baptism. Gaaahhh i am full of joy right now.

Oop.. the baptisms yesterday.. so- Marcia, Carlos and Zdani are 3 teenagers who know without a doubt the church is true. They´re adorable. Irmã Baer and Irmã Dos Santos were here last transfer and were able to teach them and i got to help teach and prepare them for baptism's. It was a privilege. Really.

While we were at church, after gospel principles i saw a cute lady, i didn´t recognize her, but i just started making small talk. I said, how long have you known the church? She said, oh, this is my first time here. I was contacted by your friends in the road and decided to finally come to church... alone.. that is a pretty big deal. Her name is Fatima and we marked a lesson with her this week. I am so excited.

I adore my comp Irmã Baer.. I´ve decided that i don´t talk much about my comps in my emails and i am very sorry. I forget.. But Irmã Baer and i very similar in many ways. She and laugh about everything.. She is organized and loves to keep tidy.. I´ve learned a lot more about this topic in the mish than i thought i would. ha ha Irmã Baer and i love to eat.. it´s bad news.. Oh and did i mention that the members here are so incredible that we have a lunch appointment everyday at a members house?? I am trying to loose weight.. This doesn´t help the thighs at all.. ha ha but i love them and i will eat Brazilian, Portuguese and African food any day.

Last night i received a call from President Fluckiger and He thinks that i should be a leader over the Irmãs in my zone and in one other zone to help direct, support and teach about the work.. It´s kind of like i am a zone leader and i will go on divisions with the Irmãs and work with them in their areas. I am humbled that the Lord is trusting me to start this calling. It will help me work that much harder and strengthen my testimony of the work of the lord. I´ve been on my knees a lot praying for help and guidance. I could never do this alone and i am so grateful to have my savior with me guiding me. I get to start the divisions this week and whelp, pray for me and the other irmãs. It´s going to be an adventure :)

I am glad you all got my letters.. I hope you did the scripture study i left you with.. I am sorry that i never write. It´s hard to just sit in the house and write on pdays. I will try to be better and write you more often. I hope you are all well. I send you BIG HUGS AND KISSES XOXOXOXO Take care.


Com amor,

Irmã Boshard

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mormon Channel Swag

- Irma Boshard, Teresa & Irma Palmer. Vila Real, Portugal July 2012-