Monday, August 20, 2012

Heeellloo.... Have i got the story for all of you today.. I am so excited to share with you once again the power of heavenly father and the power of my AMAZNG calling as a missionary.

Well, Monday night Irmã Baer and i were in Olival Basto in the neighborhood of Bloco D. It is straight up Cape Verde and Africa up there.. It´s located on the side of the mountain and we walk there everyday saying hot bods, hot bods, hot bods, because it is so hot outside and we sweat every ounce of liquid that is inside our bodies. ha ha Anyway- so we went up to Bloco D and began to contact a man named Avelino.. He is major elect.. he asked when church starts because he really wants to come and asked a little about sacrament meeting, so i explained what he needed to know but in the mean time i could see irmã Baer in the corner of my eyes and she was really distracted.. she looked nervous and i had no idea what was going on.. so i wrapped up the contact and we walked away.. ..

the first thing that came out of her mouth was, Irmã.. are you ready to cast the devil out of someone?? I laughed in her face and said.. ya ya.. we kept walking and she said no really.. Sofia is possessed.. (side note: sofia is one of our investigators that we have been teaching for a few weeks) So.. We walk down to sofias house and as we are standing in front of her door all i could hear was screaming and wailing.. The sound reminded me of the Scripture in Moses 1 when Moses talks about the gnashing of teeth and Satan wailing because he didn´t get his way.. It was a chilling sound.. really.. so then.. There was a man in front of the door and we asked if we could enter.. he said no.. leave it alone.. I asked Irmã Baer what we should do.. She said Irmã, When you were talking to Avelino i saw Sofia rocking back and forth in a chair, She was yelling at people in a deep voice and suddenly she collapsed and was out cold on the floor.. Her neighbors were surrounding her and slapping her face to wake her up. A young boy looked up at Irmã Baer in the middle of all this and yelled for help and the moment she woke up, she let out a roar and was scratching people in the face.. A few men took her inside and now were are back to Irmã and i standing in front of her door. Irmã and i were debating on what to do..

We talked about us being the only 2 people with the power and authority to do this in Odivelas.. so we insisted to enter the home. A man named jorge finally let us in after Irmã Baer got really bold with him and said said.. LOOK, WE NEED TO ENTER YOUR HOUSE AND SAY A PRAYER WITH SOFIA NOW. So he let us in.. As we walked in the house we could hear the screaming and wailing getting louder. My heart was pounding but i knew the Lord would protect us. We turned the corner in Sofia´s house and saw he kneeling on the floor hunched over the sofa.. We called her name but she didn´t respond. I was timid to touch her because i didn´t want to get whacked in the face.. but i didn´t anyway and as she turned around she looked at us with the most hopeless and helpless eyes i have ever seen. She sat up in the sofa and said, My life is over, My life is over.. I want to die.. Irmã and i grabbed her hands and Irmã Baer said, do you have the faith that Jesus Christ will cure you? She nodded her head and gripped tightly to our hands.. Irmã Baer began to say a prayer but couldn´t get her words out... she said it was like someone was grabbing her throat.. so she began to pray in English and pleaded with the lord for the devil to leave her body.. We could slowly feel her grip getting lighter and there was an overwhelming feeling of the spirit in her home. We knew the Lord was with us and his power was evident because the evil presence was gone. Sofia opened her eyes and said thank you repeatedly 15 times.. She was so happy.. We then decided to sing a hymn with her.. I am a child of god.. the whole time Sofia smiled and looked like a completely different person.

I KNOW THE POWER OF HEAVENLY FATHER IS HERE ON EARTH!!!! I have chills just thinking about the great trust he has in Irmã Baer and i to take care of his children and help them to feel of his love and power.. This was the second time in my mission to do something like this.. We just needed to have the faith and trust in god that he was with us and guiding us to take care of his daughter Sofia. I am a humble servant of the Lord. I am ready for whatever is it that he needs me to do. The gospel has been restored to the earth and i know we are preparing for the second coming of our lord. Count your blessings everyday.. don´t ever doubt the power of the lord. He is with you, guiding you to help those around you.

Take care my sweet little family. I love you all and thanks for supporting me as i serve and represent the lord. BEIJOS XOXOCom amor,Irmã Boshard

p.s. Irmã Baers blog will most likely will have the same stroy.. refer to her blog if you want to :) She is better at telling stories. Me.. not so much. Sorry.

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