Thursday, July 23, 2009

Girls Camp

To sum up girls camp in a few words.. All i have to say is it was quite the experience. Our young women's president locked her keys in her car and she wasn't even at the campsite for an hour, so i told her we could go get her spare key.. lo and behold i got a flat tire on the freeway and we were only 10 minutes away from our campsite! It sucked and i was so mad because the owners manual doesn't explain how to change a tire. I had to call my dad and ask him to google how to change a tire and then he read me the directions over the phone. ha ha As we were trying to get the spare from under my car AAA drove up and SAVED MY LIFE!!! oh how i love AAA!!!!! So, on with girls camp.. I don't know if i have ever been around a bunch of young women who were so unappreciative of what all the leaders have done for them! I mean come on! It is not like we were paid to go up to girls camp and babysit. One girl told all the young women about how much she hated all the leaders except for the prego ones (mind you, who were not at camp). Another girl said she wanted to stab my mom with a knife! A KNIFE!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! The entire time my mom had to remind the girls of their manners. She had to remind them to say please and thank you. HELLO, your parents should be teaching you that.. not your leaders! Some girls were complaining about how we were sleeping in tents and not in cabins, some complained about the crafts and food, and the fact that we were not going boating! UGH!!!!! I felt awful when i heard all these things but i know the girls had an AMAZING experience whether they admit it or not! The General Young Women's President Sister Dalton came to speak to our stake on the last night we were at camp. She is the most amazing women i have ever met. She made sure the girls knew they had a purpose here in this life and we need to be 100%. Being 100% means reading your scriptures 5 minutes a day.. Praying morning and night.. and smiling. If we can do all 3 things we are doing just fine. After we had the privilege to listen to Sister Dalton we had our ward testimony meeting. The Young Women in our ward have so much to say and they were pouring their hearts out. After all the bad feelings i felt for these young women my heart was softened and i may not understand why they felt the way they did but i still love them so much and i am so glad i was able to be their leader this year.

Monday, July 13, 2009

You know it is summer time when...

You know it is summer time when your face is so burnt, then your forehead is peeling and the skin is bright pink... my toes have split open and i super glued them together.. ha ha how lame is that and to top it off i have a blister on my eye! MY EYE!!! How the hell does that even happen! My eye has been red for days and i just found the blister.. it is super small and it stings.

I am heading off to girls camp tomorrow which i am so excited for. We had our final meeting last night which ended up lasting 5 hours... but it was so much fun and we accomplished so much in that short period of time. ha ha I have so much to do tonight to prepare to leave tomorrow. I feel like we have the most special girls in our ward and i get to share all these wonderful and spiritual experiences with them at camp. I look forward to the day when i can come home to a shower and clean clothes.. oh that will be the day... but until then, i will make the best of every second at camp!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things change, you just move on

So life is changing, things change, people come and go but i cannot tell you how excited i am for the future.. I'm planing on moving out this fall (but we'll see.. it may not happen) with a friend I haven't seen in forev!!!!! I am super excited...School starts in a month, which I am not thrilled about but it just has to happen. I am off that crazy diet and it feels so good to eat good food occasionally.. I had some rolls from Texas Road House.. I tried the best cookies.. It is called Ben's cookies and the chocolate is imported from Belgium.. They are YUMMY.. I went to the Pie up by the University of Utah.. Crazy delicious.. Next week I am leaving for Girls Camp and I am stoked.. We are going to be gone all week and I am not a camper AT ALL.. but I can do this.. Being a part of the camp committee has been so wonderful, and I love talking to the cute girls in my ward. My friend Dan and I have started going to Institute and I really like our teacher. He is so nice and he teaches in way we all can relate and we won't fall asleep in the class (which i used to sleep in seminary all the time). I am so glad I signed up for institute because I've always had a bad attitude towards it; only because of past experiences. I am ready for whatever comes in the future because change can be good.