Monday, July 13, 2009

You know it is summer time when...

You know it is summer time when your face is so burnt, then your forehead is peeling and the skin is bright pink... my toes have split open and i super glued them together.. ha ha how lame is that and to top it off i have a blister on my eye! MY EYE!!! How the hell does that even happen! My eye has been red for days and i just found the blister.. it is super small and it stings.

I am heading off to girls camp tomorrow which i am so excited for. We had our final meeting last night which ended up lasting 5 hours... but it was so much fun and we accomplished so much in that short period of time. ha ha I have so much to do tonight to prepare to leave tomorrow. I feel like we have the most special girls in our ward and i get to share all these wonderful and spiritual experiences with them at camp. I look forward to the day when i can come home to a shower and clean clothes.. oh that will be the day... but until then, i will make the best of every second at camp!

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