Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things change, you just move on

So life is changing, things change, people come and go but i cannot tell you how excited i am for the future.. I'm planing on moving out this fall (but we'll see.. it may not happen) with a friend I haven't seen in forev!!!!! I am super excited...School starts in a month, which I am not thrilled about but it just has to happen. I am off that crazy diet and it feels so good to eat good food occasionally.. I had some rolls from Texas Road House.. I tried the best cookies.. It is called Ben's cookies and the chocolate is imported from Belgium.. They are YUMMY.. I went to the Pie up by the University of Utah.. Crazy delicious.. Next week I am leaving for Girls Camp and I am stoked.. We are going to be gone all week and I am not a camper AT ALL.. but I can do this.. Being a part of the camp committee has been so wonderful, and I love talking to the cute girls in my ward. My friend Dan and I have started going to Institute and I really like our teacher. He is so nice and he teaches in way we all can relate and we won't fall asleep in the class (which i used to sleep in seminary all the time). I am so glad I signed up for institute because I've always had a bad attitude towards it; only because of past experiences. I am ready for whatever comes in the future because change can be good.


Sara said...

Texas Roadhouse rolls and Ben's cookies- you have very good taste my friend!!! Those are my fav's- and have fun at camp- I am jealous. I also am jealous that you get to go to institute- I miss those good old days!!! Enjoy! And tell your fam hello for me!

Mackenzie Boshard said...

SARA!!!! Your blog went private and i totally want to see it!!! My email is fam says hello, they miss you and they love you! xoxo