Thursday, May 26, 2011

Loving The MTC

Minha Familiá!!!!

I love it here in the MTC. It is the greatest blesssing being a missionary. I can't believe i have been here for a week. The days seem to blend together and i can never remember what happened the previous day. ha ha Sunday night we had Robert P. Swensen (director of Missionary Services) come speak to us. He talked about shunning temptation and don't forget to serve the Lord. He was wonderful. He based most of his talk from Alma 37. Go read it! It is incredible how i understand the scriputres now that i am so focused in the Lords work.

I saw Riley Mackay and Conner Delhin here. It is so nice to see familiar faces here. People are always smiling. I love it. You make friends so easily too. I talk to everyone at lunch. ha ha it's great.

Last night was our devotional and Russell M. Nelson came to speak to us!!!!!!! Ahh i love him. His wife Wendy also spoke and she talked about obedience. She said,"why are you here?" Then she responded by saying we made a covenant in the premortal life that we would serve thee. Serve a worthy mission. Elder Nelson spoke after her and he said be ready to tell your message to people on the streets in one sentence. "We follow Jesus Christ." It's so true. Our purpose as missionaries is to bring others unto Christ. So that should be the first thing that comes out of our mouths. Elder Nelson also said that we are missionaries to teach people, not lessons. We don't memorize lessons and just give them. We get to know the doctorine and let the spirit help us teach. There will never be a lesson taught the same. Everyone's circumstances are different. The spirit will always testify though.

The spirit here is like nothing i've felt before. Every one here is so happy and willing to help at any moment. I LOVE my companions. I am so blessed to be with Irmã Walker and Irmã Young. They are wonderful sisters. Sister Walker and i are made for eachother. She and i have the same personality. I love it.

The language is hard and frustrating. I know i have only been here a week, But we have already given the first two discussions in Portuguese. It is SO hard! I have had to rely on the Lord and spirit so much. I know words here and there, but by next week i'll be able to pray and bear my testimony in Portuguese without my notes. It's amazing what the Lord has done for me.

Yesterday in class my teacher, Brother De Groot acted as a missionary and i was the investigator. He taught me the first vision in Portuguese. I could understand words here and there, but the spirit testified to me so strongly that what he was saying was true, i began to bawl in class. He asked me how the lesson made me feel and i couldn't even talk. I was overwhelemd with emotions. This just means, no matter what language we are speaking in, when we tesify of what we know is true, the spirit will also testify. This gospel is amazing and i am very grateful to be a servant of our Lord.

Today is my p day and we went to the temple and i also did some laundry. There is SO much food here. It's insane. I eat salads and wraps everyday. Any other day i am usually in the classroom studying the scrpitures and the language or we have instrution with our teachers. We are in class by 7am and in bed by 10:30pm. I am exhausted every morning when i wake up but once i am up getting the Lords work done, I have the best day.This church is true! I am doing the lords work and he loves us.

Love, Sister Boshard XOXO

*Posted By The Boshard Family

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1 WEEK!!!!

Update: We didn't make it to all the temples in Utah. Whomp whomp. However, we tried. I guess. ha ha

Anyway, I enter the MTC in one week! It's insane. Time went by so slowly the last 4 and a half months, now i feel like i don't have enough time to get out the door. I am almost packed and ready to head out the door. I feel great! I can't wait to become a missionary! I never thought I would be a missionary, but the Lord works in his mysterious ways and well, now i'm going! Write me if you have a second! I would love to hear from you.

I can't wait to see you all in 18 months!! XOXO