Saturday, April 17, 2010

Muse Concert

I LOVE MUSE!!! They were killer in concert and i have been listening to them and only them for the past 2 weeks. They definitely put on one amazing show. I heart them.

21st Birthday

I had the most wonderful 21st birthday. I don't know how i have been so blessed with so many amazing people in my life. My birthday was celebrated all weekend because my actual birthday fell on a Monday, which is kind of lame. Saturday night i went to dinner with a bunch of girl friends at Porcupine Grill. I met a new friend and his name is Nathan. He's a Brit and so cool. I adore him and loved his accent. I met him through a mutual friend.. Kind of a long story.. We hung out all night and i showed him pretty much the entire Salt Lake Valley. It was so nice to meet him. Then on my actual birthday I went to school, then work and on my desk was the best surprise. My co workers bought a twilight poster and put my face over Bella's. Ha ha It's only funny because i don't care for Twilight as much as i used to. It's a faded stage in my life now. Ha ha It made me laugh. My sweet CB (cubical buddy) had some roses on my desk and she gave different guys roses through out the day to bring to me. I was sang to in French, kisses on the cheek, hugs, a birthday rap and even old friends came and got me for lunch. It was so sweet. After work i met up with Drew and Tanner and we went to the Muse concert. IT WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME! They were great live. It was like i was listening to their album. Muse and Coldplay are tied at the number one spot for best concert ever.