Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adventure to Mexico

FYI: This could be a record for longest post in the world. Sorry for the long stories. I had to soak in the entire experience. I need to talk about every moment. You'll know why after reading all of this :) Spring Break this year was the best week of my life! I couldn't believe i was actually going on a super last minute trip to Mexico. I found out i was going like two days before we left. We definitely made it a road trip because we drove all the way to Mexico!

Friday March 12th:I drove down to Cedar City to meet up with Lauren. On the way to Cedar i stopped off at the Mav, put some gas in my car and bought girl scout cookies. Yum, they were so good! Once i got to Lauren's house in Cedar she helped me depack. ha ha i had no idea what to take to Mexico so she helped me make the final decision on what to wear. After depacking, we went to the gas station where they were giving out free frazzles! It was amazing.. We decided to be a wee bit greedy and take two each. ha ha Then, we went to Panda for dinner and the guy who rung up Lauren totally had a crush on her and gave her the employee discount! It was so funny because he didn't even give me the discount. To thank him Lauren left a thank you note on the receipt and left it on the table. i think the guy thought he was getting a number. We left and Lauren took me on a tour of SUU. I loved it. I think i could actually go to school there. Then we went to Lauren's house and we painted our nails and watched the movie Adam.

Saturday March 13th: Lauren and i woke up and we went to McDonald's for breakfast. We made it just in time before lunch started. We took our breakfast to an apartment complex where we went tanning. It was totally free and i loved it. We needed a little bit of a tan before Mexico. ha ha but the tanning bed did nothing for us. As soon as we were done, we went to load up the car and picked up Alayna. She is a doll and i adore her. She has the most beautiful blond curly hair, and it is so thick.. I envy her. Once Alayna jumped in the car, we were off to St. George to meet up with Cody. Cody was gracious enough to drive all the way to San Diego and he had only 4 hours of sleep the night before. Sounds awful, i know! On the way to San Diego we stopped off at a gas station to eat some hot dogs and corn dogs. I kind of put too many jalapenos on my hot dog.. I love them so much. My mouth was seriously on fire.. I had to buy a DP asap. We got back in the car and watched an episodes of The Office and we watched Tommy Boy. It helped time to pass. As we were driving we honestly didn't know where we were going to stay for the night. Cody packed a tent just in case we were going to have to camp somewhere. Thankfully Lauren got a hold of her Uncle Dave and Aunt Donna and asked if we could stay at their house for the night. Of course they let us stay and they fed us Swiss bread, Swiss cheese and a yummy salad with sparkling cider. It was so fun. We were exhausted from driving all day because that took a lot of effort you know.. ha ha but we unpacked and got ready for bead.. I had packed mousse for my frizzy, curly hair, and guess what?.. It exploded in mine and Lauren's backpack. ha ha I felt so bad. Everything was sticky but smelt good. Don't worry, i took care of it.

Sunday March 14th: Lauren and i woke up a little early and went outside to read our books. We were in awe of the most beautiful view. Uncle Dave and Aunt Donna have THE most gorgeous view i have ever seen. It was green and hills were surrounding the house. Once Cody and Alayna woke up, we went on a little adventure up the hill in the backyard. We found avocado trees and some citrus trees. I'm not sure if we distinguished what kind of citrus it was. ha ha Uncle Dave came home from church and made us lunch.. We had some salad and Mickey mouse chicken nuggets. They were awesome. We chatted for a bit and then headed off to Old Town to meet up with the rest of the group. There, I met Kirk, Preston, Kelsi, Shaye, Joe and Cameron. We walked through the Mormon Battalion visitors center. After, We drove to the airport to pick up the Van and stopped at the gas station for a potty break and bought treats. The cash register guy was creepin bad and liked my jacket. He kept calling me sweetheart and staring at me funny. I wanted out of the gas station asap. After that experience, we jumped in the van and headed down to Mexico. The sun was setting and it was getting dark as we crossed the border. Crossing the border was nothing like what i thought.. They just let us drive right through.. Weird.. As we were driving down the freeway we would see Mexicans just hopping the median and running across the freeway. It was insane. It took maybe 40 minutes to drive to the beach house from the border.. We unpacked and set up the beach house and went to bed..

Monday March 15th: Today was the day we went to the beach! I burned like crazy because i was smart enough to be in the sun for 5 hours and no sunscreen. ha ha but it was the first burn of the summer and i'm pretty happy about it. At the beach, we made a sand castle and it was freaking sweet. A little boy and his mom came by and asked if they could take a picture of our sandcastle, so of course we let them. The little boy whipped out his blue shovel and was acting like he built the castle while the mom took the picture.. It was so funny i couldn't stop laughing. Kirk, Joe and i buried Preston as a mermaid and dang did he look good. ha ha After a day in the sun, we drove to Rosorito and switched some of our money into pesos and went to Tacos el Yaki.. It was pretty yummy and the people working there thought it would be funny to tell us it was dog meat we were eating and then pretend there was a dog in the back of the stand and they would make a barking sounds like they were killing the dog.. It was awful but so funny at the same time.. If that even makes any sense.. We needed to head to the store to get some groceries for the week and it was quite the adventure. We bought lots of tortillas and stuff for toastadas.. They even had the most interesting and delicious Pepsi made with ginseng. We went home and made cheeseburgers while watching Jackass and the car repo show. ha ha It was so funny. Honestly Jackass is so entertaining. I love it.

Tuesday March 16th: Today i woke up to Mexicans banging on Mine and Laurens window!!! It freaking creeped me out and i thought it was Cody trying to be funny.. Since the beach house is under construction right now, the workers would come every morning early to work but decided to bang on the windows.. My heart stopped for two seconds. Lauren was a doll and got out of the bed to make sure no one was breaking in.. ha ha I got out of bed and ate a bowl of cereal and walked outside to the beach and watched for dolphins. It wasn't the right timing because they were no where to be seen. Everyone kind of layed around all morning and then decided to drive to Ensenada. We walked around and looked at the shops, walked to La Bufadora and the men stood outside their shops and seriously wouldn't leave us alone until we walked into their shop. They said,"Be nice to the Mexicans, you promised you would buy something" They were crazy! We ate at a yummy taco stand and i had a fish taco.. I am not even joking.. It was the best taco i have ever had! I miss it so much, probably because it was deep fried. At La Bufadora we watched the water splash up against the rocks.. It was fun. We left La Bufadora to go to another taco stand. I swear, we ate tacos every day. I loved it! and none of us even got sick.. That i know of. Ha ha We ate at Taco El Original. They had lamb tacos and yummy coke and fanta. As we were leaving the cutest dad, daughter and son came up to the taco stand and started singing for pesos.. They were adorable. We had to make another run to the store to buy some tennis balls but not all of us could go in because we would be stuck in there forever. So only a few people went in the store and the rest of us stayed in the parking lot to play football and Frisbee. We went back to the beach house to cook dinner and watched some March Madness. We ate chicken tostadas and looked at the stars. It was beautiful!

Wednesday March 17th: I woke up and ate a bowl of cereal. It was cheerios to be exact. Afterwards i went outside to play some killer tennis. I took a break and decided to sit out and Kirk totally hit a tennis ball my way and whacked me in the boob. Ha ha It hurt so bad it made my eyes water.. and NO I was not crying. He didn't even realize that where he hit me but it was so hilarious. We went back inside the house and watched some ESPN, Drove to the beach, I caught some waves boogie boarding. Cody taught me some tricks and now i am a pro.. Watch out! I layed out on my stomach because the front of my body was so burnt and i needed some sun on the back of my legs. I got a little more burnt because i fell asleep. While i was sleeping Cody started to build an octopus. It was the most amazing sand object i have ever seen. Pure talent. But it took some effort to make. Just look at the picture. It's uber cool. For dinner we had leftovers and watched more sports. I was loving watching all this basketball. Kirk, Alayna and i decided to put together a Jesus puzzle and it took all night and all the next morning.. Alayna and I quit half way through. Kirk seriously made me laugh every second of the trip. He kept making "appropriate" Jesus jokes. My tummy hurt from laughing so hard! Anyway, we had to give up. The puzzle was so hard. We sat on the couch and watched Casino Royal and then went to bed. Right when i layed down, the friction between the bed and the back of my knees was awful. ha ha I was completely burnt. I wish i would have worn more sunscreen but i honestly put sunscreen on three times!

Thursday March 18th: Today i woke up to the construction workers being super loud and banging on the walls. I don't think they understood we were on "vacation" and trying to sleep in.. They made me laugh though. Today was the guys day, and they went golfing, while the girls just did what we wanted. We played some tennis, I read outside by the beach for a few hours, we played some ping pong, layed on the couch ha ha it was a really good day. After all that, of course we went to another taco stand! I ate a fish taco and a shrimp taco. It was pretty yummy. I could eat tacos every day for the rest of my life. We drove to a little mini mart and bought some groceries, got some snacks, drove home, made steak for dinner and watched Mission Impossible. So, there was this crazy lady that lived next door to Preston's beach house. She came over while we were standing outside to complain about the construction in Preston's back yard. She said "it's against the rules" to have anything blocking the view of the waves. She was really frustrated and her face wouldn't move because she has had so much plastic surgery. Her face was smooshed and sick looking. I felt bad for this lady. She kept repeating herself and it was really annoying. She finally went away and CAME BACK! She complained about baby diapers in her yard, tequila was missing and someone stole her $100 champagne bottle. She gave us a sob story about wanting to officially move into the house because they are currently renting but they were considering never coming back because everything had gone wrong. I felt somewhat bad for her.. but she seems like the complaining type. She bugged me. After all the drama was over, Lauren and i got ready for bed. We did some laundry and had a nice pillow talk. I miss her like crazy.. Our talks were pretty funny and nothing i can share on here. ha ha

Friday March 19th: This morning i layed in bed for the longest time listening to Coldplay on my ipod. I wasn't ready to get up because today was the day we were going home. I'm so sad. I love Mexico and this has been the best vacation. I got out of bed and played ping pong with Lauren. We packed most of our stuff and loaded up the van. Only Cody, Me and Lauren packed up our stuff because we had to be back home by Saturday. Driving to the border is insane. The Mexicans stand in the middle of the freeway selling anything you can think of. Cody would look out the window and stare someone down who is trying to sell something and he would act interested and then the guy would chase us down in the car trying to convince us to buy something. ha ha it was hilarious and so sad at the same time. One guy walked up to our car window and was trying to sell us a bag of weed. He told us it was $20, so cheap and almost free. Cody would freak out and yell ALMOST FREE, ALMOST FREE, ALMOST FREE. The guy probably thought we were already high. ha ha jk Getting across the border wasn't even a problem. I thought they would make us get out of the car and they would search us, but no. They just check our passports and we were on our way to San Diego. Everyone dropped us off at Cody's car at the airport. We took a potty break and last minute pictures. Then, we stopped to get gas, drinks and ice cream. I drank a 44 oz DP super fast and had to pee WAY BAD within an hour. We kind of got lost for 30 minutes on the free way and couldn't find I-15. We were headed in the wrong direction. Soon enough we turned around and found our way. Don't worry, i still had to pee and it was so hard to hold it. Cody and Lauren kept making me laugh and it sucked. Cody wouldn't let me pee on his seat and drove by a million gas stations before he actually stopped at one! Right as we stopped the car i ran out, ran all the way to the bathroom, and peed for a minute straight ha ha. On the road again, we were headed for Las Vegas. We stopped at Jack in the Box, took another potty break and watch Yes Man in the car. Once we arrived in St. George we unpacked Cody's car, loaded up Lauren's car and headed to Cedar City. BUT, Lauren and i HAD to stop at Nielson's Frozen Custard. We both ate our entire concrete (sick i know) but it was so yummy! Afterwards, we finally got to Cedar and decided to watch Couples Retreat and paint our nails. We weren't even tired when the movie started. But I of course fell asleep (because i always do) and then had to wake up a few hours later at 6am to drive to Provo for my grandma's presentation.

This was the best trip ever! I don't think you can top this!!! Thank you so much Preston for letting us stay at your beach house and i am so glad i met all of you on spring break. I love you all. xo

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mexico Bebe

I am going on an uber short notice trip to Mexico! Last night my friend Lauren(whom i just adore) invited me to go to Mexico for a whole week. It's spring break and i honestly need to get away. I'm leaving Friday morning to meet up with Lauren in Cedar City then we are off to Mexico! The drive is probably going to suck.. But i can't even wait to get out of here!!! I'll make sure to tell you all about it when i get back :)