Friday, June 26, 2009

My new favorite website

I am guessing i think about food every second of the day because i can't have the good stuff at the moment, BUT... I have found my new favorite website. I have spent all day looking at it, and i now want to open my own bakery and bake all the time.

I loved the cupcakes and the cute toppings, the pies, cookies, drinks, even the peppermint eggnog... SO CUTE!!!! Also, i found a recipe for a Boston Cream Pie cupcake.. Delish.. Don't worry, i will slowly eat my desserts when i see them. I WILL NOT rush into eating sugar because it would make me sick and i would gain EVERYTHING i just lost. Plus i feel so lucky to be dieting with my friends at work. We are all in this together and we are a support group, we can't let each other go crazy after we are done dieting.. ha ha i heart you all!!!! xoxo

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