Monday, June 22, 2009


Okay, okay.. I totally cheated on my diet this weekend.. How could i not, it was Fathers Day and it was my dad's birthday! We had cake and yummy treat EVERYWHERE!!!! I have never loved food so much in my life, then when i was eating at my Grandma's house, I had THE most amazing cupcake with vanilla frosting and a fresh strawberry on top.. mmmm, and some 7 layer bean dip, and baked beans, and a croissant sandwich, and jelly bellies, and chocolate birthday cake.. and pasta salad and a pear salad. AHHHHH i love all of it but i know i can't eat that all the time.. that is why you go crazy for one day and then... back to reality.. i am trying to lose weight.. Soooo, i need to stick with the healthy diet and lose a few more pounds.. Then eventually add in the good stuff.

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McKall said...

hahaha kenz I love it! Food seriously is just too good. Losing weight is awesome but sometimes I wonder if its worth it! I LOVE food! haha your amazing though and i'm so proud of you!