Thursday, June 25, 2009

My first meal

All i can think about is food. I live for food!!!! I breathe for food and I've been thinking about where i want my first meal to be since i haven't had anything that great for the past month. I was thinking i should have sushi!!!!! I usually get the Vegas roll and O. M. G. it is the best one i have ever had. Then, i was thinking maybe i should go to Texas Road House. I'm pretty sure i have never been more satisfied while eating one of their rolls with butter. But then, i really want to go to this place called Italian Village to get a Pizza Bendor. The Pizza Bendor is stuffed with mozzarella cheese, ham and peperoni, then you dip it in marinara sauce... and i would want their meatballs and garlic bread.. WOW, i love food.. I've also been craving a subway sandwich. YUM!! Or how about Cafe Rio.. you can never go wrong with Cafe Rio.. oh yeah, and i need to get a dessert too.. So i was thinking about some cake batter from Cold Stone, or homemade brownies, or Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, or a smore or i would love to have a cinnamon roll drizzled with Carmel and nuts, and a delicious cupcake... Ahhh, why do i eat so much! But i have made a decision... i can only eat out once a week, and once on the weekend.. ha ha I don't know why i feel like i have to eat out instead of making something at home, which making it at home is so much better for you! Well, i have learned a lot about counting calories and I'm pretty much on a new path for a healthy diet (except my one to two times a week deal).

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