Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jackson Hole/ Yellowstone Vaca

A few weekends ago the whole fam went to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. It was so much fun but i swear we were in the car FOREVER!!! We stayed in Idaho Falls the first night which we went to dinner, swimming and bed.. ha ha we couldn't find much to do. The next morning we woke up and went to the Titanic Exhibit. That was so amazing to see artifacts and utensils the people used while sailing on the Titanic. After the exhibit we headed up to Jackson hole.. We did some shopping, we went to the best Chinese restaurant...IT was so yummy.. Then the hot tub broke at the motel so we couldn't even enjoy that.. the next morning we headed up to Yellowstone where it rained and it was kind of chilly but awesome! We saw 2 buffalo (which i guess isn't that many, we just went at the wrong time). Anyway, It was wonderful and great family time!


McKall said...

Kenz!!! Looks like a blast! I love jackson and yellowstone! so much fun! you are the cutest ever, and....we need to play!!!

Astra said...

Oh you and your family are all beautiful! Cute pics! Miss you!