Monday, August 13, 2012

I Love to see the temple....In Portugal someday....

Oii família...

I can only start this email by counting all my blessings.. really. Heavenly Father is so good. So so good. I am so grateful for Irmã Baer. She is a huge reason i have returned to Odivelas. She is kind, thoughtful.. and well just so in tune with the spirit. She always leaves little post it notes on my scriputres so when i go to study in the morning she has left me an uplifting quote and scriptures.. She is just what i need this transfer.

Do you remember my sweet little companion Irmã Barlow in Almada?? Well.. A few weeks ago she called me and told me that she baptized 4 people that i had been teaching.. Misael, Valdino, Beatriz and Rosa.. YEAH.. I about died and feel to the ground when i heard the news. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have taught them and helped them find the gospel. I always feel like if i didn´t see the fruits of my labors i didn´t fulfill my purpose, and that is how i felt when i left almade, but look!!!! 4 of my sweet friends were baptized!

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers to help heavenly fathers children enter the waters of baptism. Irmã Barlow is just killing it out here in the field. I am so proud of her.. all my greenies (well they are not greenies anymore, but they are to me) they are all doing so well. I am grateful for every opportunity to serve.. This week i did my first division with Irmã João in Lapa.. It is in the heart of Lisboa. We were able to mark 3 investigators for baptism and it was amazing. We walked in the house and there was 2 young men and 5 young girls sitting on the couch just chatting and when they saw us enter they all grabbed their book of mormon and were ready to listen. It was adorable. As we began to talk about our purpose on earth on of the young men said, i know your church is true. I know the book of mormon is true. When can i be baptized? I said, well that is a good question. Why don´t we kneel and ask Heavenly Father. So all of us got on our knees and after we prayed and pondered 2 of the other kids said we
want to be baptized on the 19th of this month. We all felt good about it and well. they have decided to make this change in their life! It was an experience that stregthened my testimony of the power of the book of mormon. If these kids hadn´t been reading the book of mormon, they would have never had the desire or received a response from god to be baptized.

Heavenly Father is sending us his elect. The Elect recognize his voice and will immediately act because they know it is what they should do. It's like all we have to do is be worthy to enter their home with the spirit and they already know. Ahhhhhhh i wish everyone in the world could feel they way i feel right now. I don´t even know how to express my feelings i am squeeling with joy.

Yesterday at church our stake president talked about temples and he talked a little bit about the temple in portugal. He said it is a priviege to go to the temple. It is literally the house of the lord. We receive revelation there and it is a symbol of sacrifices. if we don´t make sacrifices how can we receive the priviege of of having a temple here so close to our homes. It was a great talk and the leaders are really trying to get the members in gear to help us retain our recent converts so they can finally break ground for the temple.. It is so excited. Elder Nelson will be here in a few weeks to talk to the leaders here in Portugal. It is so exciting..

Keep praying for us out here. We are doing all that we can to fight against satan and his foolish tactics. We are coming out on top..

I hope you all continue to stay strong and remember our savior in all that you do. You are all so wonderful and amazing! Take care :)

Beijos XOXO
Com amor,

Irmã Boshard

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