Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fatima's Baptism ~ August 26, 2012

My calling is so great as a missionary that i think it is actually better than the prophets calling.. I don´t know if that´s appropriate to joke about, but that´s how i feel. ha ha Every single day, all day, every minute is dedicated to walking the streets, knocking doors, meeting and eating with members, and teaching the gospel.. oh it is RIDICULOUS....

Yesterday we baptized the most incredible woman i have ever taught. Her name is Maria Fatima Jesus Fernandes. We call her Fatima. She randomly showed up in church alone, a few weeks ago because the irmãs a few months ago contacted her on the street.. Every time since we have met with her she has been progressing like CRAZY!! She came to a lesson one time and had filled out the back of the plan of salvation pamphlet with questions thoughts and the study with scriptures in the bible and book of mormon. This was the lesson that i knew she was ELECT. As we talked about death and the spirit world, she asked.. well what happens to all those who don´t have a body in the spirit world? they can´t be baptized.. How can they be saved if they are not baptized?? WELL FATIMA... Lemme just tell you about temples.. So Irmã Baer and i explained the importance of temples and how sacred they are because we get to do special ordinances such as baptisms for the dead.. It all clicked for her. She said well yeah, because Christ taught about that but i don´t know of other religions that practice baptisms for the dead.

For the last 20 years she has been on a quest.. looking for the right church to teach her and guide her to really know Christ. SHE FOUND IT AND I AM THRILLLED!! After Fatima was dunked in the freezing cold water ( we forgot to heat it up.. ooops) she came up and said Hallelujah like 3 times. She cried and looked to Mariano ( the member that baptized her) she said, Are you doing okay? How do you feel? She is so sweet, i know she felt the power of Heavenly Father. Fatima then, went to change her clothes, and as she came out she was still crying and feeling blissful. She gave Mariano a big hug and said thank you thank you thank you. Thank you for what you did for me. She wouldn´t let him go. I cried because Mariano is MY RECENT CONVERT! Irmã Mortensen and i baptized him last year and look at the progress he is making.. He´s already been to the temple a few times, honorably holding the priesthood and baptizing my recent converts!!!

I LOVE THIS WORK. I love being back in Odivelas and i am such a humble servant in the lords hands.. He has blessed us with miracles and blessings beyond my comprehension. Sometimes i can´t comprehend the power of this calling. We are truly changing lives and peoples salvation.

The divisions that I have been doing lately are going well. Like i explained before, President Fluckiger has asked that i go on splits with the other senior companions so that we can learn and work together. and it is kind of like a training thing as well. to help the other senior companions grow and learn about the work I get to to this with 4 different areas.. Basically every week i leave Odivelas for 24 hours and work in the area of the other senior companions. I have been able to learn a lot and teach a lot. It´s amazing how the Lord knows exactly where i need to be, who i need to help and what i have to offer them.

I had a special opportunity to help a companionship this week. Two sweet irmãs have been struggling in their area and the work has been overwhelmingly (is that a word?) hard. What they needed was some advice, and to learn other ways to work. Irmã Baer stayed with the Junior companion in odivelas and i got to stay with the senior companion in her area. During the division we did a lot of contacting and met with less actives and overall.. it was exactly what this Irmã needed. These divisions are so inspired and helpful.

Keep praying for us out here. I love the work. I love this ward and i love my savior.
Stay close to the Lord this week. He walks with you, guiding you and directing you.
Don´t give up on him.
Com muito amor,
Irmã Boshard

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