Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Black Name Tag ...

I am so humbled to wear my sweet little black name tag every single day. I know my name tag has power and people recognize the saviors name first before they even recognize mine. Ya know, I don´t care that we get rejected everyday, i don´t care that drunk men make fun of us and yell at us.. I am actually grateful i don´t understand half the stuff they yell at us, because for every trial the lord blessed us ten fold. Irmã Baer and i have been working a lot with the less actives this transfer.

We have passed by SO many houses and either they have moved, wrong house, or they want nothing to do with the church.. It´s been heart breaking, but there is a sweet woman named Sandy.. She has come and gone from the church for the last few years since she was baptized and for the last year she has completely left the church.. She was dating someone who wouldn´t let her believe in god, he wouldn´t let her read books that talk about god and it seemed to be an abusive relationship but she put up with him.. i have no idea why.. but the lord teaches us all in different ways what we need to learn ya know. Irmã Baer and i made and appointment to go and visit her and Sandy said why don´t you just come over for dinner and bring me some light.. i need your light.. Well.. that is exactly what we did.. we took her more light than she could handle! She was overwhelmed and is going to start the small and simple things again.. like reading the book of mormon everyday, she is coming to a woman's conference in Lisboa with us this weekend and she wants us to come back and teach her all of the missionary discussions again! I am realizing that truly NO ONE IS PERFECT!!! NO ONE.. but guess what.. with all of our weaknesses and sins.. the lord will NEVER GIVE UP ON US. He loves us so much he will do anything so that we will return to his teaching and follow him.. ahhh Sandy.. I am so excited for her.

Another miracle.. we had 3 BAPTISMS YESTERDAY!!!!! as we were walking down the hall way to the baptismal font, i saw 4 (the three being baptized and Mariano who baptized them) incredible men dressed in white and i was picturing what it will be like in the temple for these men doing the work of the lord.. We baptized Lourindo, Isidoro and Avelino! THEY ARE ELECT! they were a gift from Heavenly Father to irmã Bear and i. I can´t stop thanking the lord for trusting me with his children. Sometimes i sit in my study chair and just think about the work i am doing and it blows my mind.. Isidoro has been so excited all week thinking about his baptism.. he said.. Why can´t it just be tomorrow.. I need this new life. I can´t wait.. Avelino reads and reads and reads in the book of mormon and always has questions from the reading for us.. lourindo has been praying so hard all week that he can have the courage and strength to stop drinking and smoking.. HE did it!!! All of these men are future leaders of the church. i am so excited to see what they will do.. they can´t wait to make it to the temple.

Fatima was confirmed yesterday too! She is happier than i have ever seen her.. I attached her baptism picture from last week to the email.. fyi. I am so blessed. sometimes i don´t even feel worthy of these blessing yet they still come. We had 12 investigators in church.. our members are incredible and continually bring their friends and family to church with them. We are seriously getting ready for this temple out here..

Thank you for your support, your prayers and all that you do for me. I love you all. Take care.
Com amor,
Irmã Boshard

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