Monday, September 10, 2012


We got transfer calls today! I am so sad!!! I am leaving Odivelas.. tomorrow i am catching a bus to the Algarve and i will be doing a white wash in Olhão with Irmã Tingey. I am so split. I am sad to leave Irmã Baer and Odivelas and all our recent converts.. but i am excited to go WAY SOUTH and white wash this new area. PRAY FOR ME AND TINGEY. Irmã Baer is stayin in Odivelas and she is serving with my little child, Irmã Walton... whom i trained. I´m excited for them.

This week has BEEN THE BEST WEEK EVER.. 1. as you can see in the email before i received 6 cans of Dr. Pepper.. It was a dream come true! Enjoy the pictures! I enjoyed taking them ha ha
2. Irmã Baer and i were able to overcome a lot of distractions from Satan.. He really worked on us this week and basically we hate him.. but we are learning.. our numbers were low and we didn´t have a baptism.. but hey.. we are still making a difference along the way. 3. We had a mission conference in Lapa on Saturday with Elder and sister Rasband, Elder Kent Richards and his wife, Bishop Causeé, Elder Rocha and his wife, and also Elder Texeira and his wife.. We were able to hear from 4 members of the seventy.. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! One of the greatest days in the mission... All the men and their wives stood in a line and we all got to shake their hands.. SO COOL! He said when he shook our hands we were being interviewed. He could tell there are some that are struggling, some that are happy, some seem sad.. but whatever it may be keep going. don´t give up. He said he didn´t prepare a speech but he wanted to open the meeting to a question and answer deal.. so missionaries started asking questions.. the first question an elder asked, "what can i do for the last 6 weeks of my mission?" Elder Rasband responded and said, make goals and don´t give up.. but i have a response for what you can do for the rest of your life... He said always live your life to be worthy to hold a temple recomend. He said it may sound silly and easy.. but once you are back in the world Satan will tempt you and try you. He said Waste and Wear out your lives.. Read D&C 123:13-14.. It´s awesome. Bishop Causeé said, everyone asks me, what is the secret to the mission in Portugal?? He said now seeing our misson, he can tell that we have been taught the importance of faith and prayer.. WE know our purpose and and we rely on the lord and not our own abilities. We have the Torgans to thank for that.. I have been SO BLESSED and i don´t even deserve it. I have been blessed to serve under two of the most amazing men in the world to lead and guide the work. The Lord is so good to us out here in Portugal.

Elder Rasband told us that we can always do better and we can be more like our savior. We are the most important convert in our mission. I can truly say that i am. I have changed so much for the better! We got to hear President and Sister Fluckiger´s testimony in Portuguese and they have been extremely blessed with the gift of tongues. They are so humble and so sweet. I cant imagine what they have been going through since they arrived here. They just picked up and ran with the mission. They´re incredible.

On Sunday we got to have another conference with the stake of Lisboa, Santárem and Oeiras.. It was huge in Lapa at a conference center and over 1,300 members and investigators were there! Elder Rasband talked about the temple being built here in Portugal and if things run according to plan, the temple should be ready in a few years and it should be the 156th temple in the church.. I think.. I forgot all my notes about the conference so i will tell you about it next week... but just know.. the lord is preparing his children to receive his house.. We´re just not quite ready enough so we need to step it up!!! We´re making a difference little by little.. but i have not doubts that every effort counts.

President Fluckiger has given all of us the challenge to memorize D&C 58:26-28.. I´ve got it i English and now i am working on it in Portuguese.. It makes me want to be better.. So i repeat it out loud to Irmã Baer all the time.. ha ha Do it with me.. Memorize it and show heavenly father what kind of servant you want to be.

I am so grateful i am still here serving, learning, growing, being stretched and changing everyday. The Lord truly knows better than i and he gave me this opportunity to serve when i didn´t want it. Don´t worry, i´ve regretted those feelings everyday and i´ll never take this opportunity for granted. I´m doing everything i can to serve my companion, the ward and our investigators.. Pray for me.. I need all the strength i can get right now..

Oh.. to everyone who has written me and i have not written you back.. I am sorry! I hope to get a letter off to you all soon! I´m sorry.

Com amor,
Irmã Boshard

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