Monday, September 17, 2012


Irmã Tingey and i have made it down to the Algarve and lemme just tell you it is nothing of what i imagined.. for some reason i was thinking it would be really green and beautiful but it is the complete opposite.. i still love it down here though. I love love Irmã Tingey.. She is wonderful... I was really sad to leave Irmã Baer because she taught me so much and we grew together.. we were like sisters/ BFs but the lord knows Tingey has some important things to teach me. Irmã Tingey is American but currently her fam lives in England.. She is so sweet, hilarious and is helping me understand the importance of goals for the end of my mission and after the mish..
I really need her..

SO OLHÃO! This city is amazing and the branch is even better! Our members down here are so pumped to do the work with us.. they told us during ward counsel yesterday that we shouldn´t worry about knocking doors and doing street contacts because all our members have references for us ready to learn!!!! legit huh?

Our Branch president has been a member for 2 years and a branch president for 6 months.. He is young and on fire.. he is like our best friend.. so is his first counselor Nato.. they give us "bones" or you can say "pound it" every time they see us. At ward counsel everyone has an opinion and talks over each other. It was entertaining. I don´t know what i did to deserve this but i am EXTREMELY blessed to be serving down here. White washing an area is certainly not easy but the missionaries in the past have done a great job and the members are really helping us find our way around they city. Highlights from this week.. One day tingey and i were walking down a row of houses and these men started to call our attention. We stopped to talk to them and these men were baptized just a few months ago but one of them had a bottle of beer hiding behind his chair.. I asked him.. ahem, is that your beer bottle? he said yes. I said do you remember what you learned about the word of wisdom when you were baptized? he said yes.. Irmã Tingey then said "pode tomar" which means can i try it.. and i laughed hysterically and said.. "não, pode tirar" meaning can i take it.. She got her words mixed up and asked to drink his beer.. ha ha anyway he immediately dumped out the beer on the ground and threw the bottle away. He said he wants to change but really needs help. It was a miracle heavenly father guided us to him.

One day we took a dinner break by the dock and looked out at the water and ships that passed by while we ate greasy, buttered up ham and cheese sandwiches.. It was fun.. We were walking down the street of an apartment complex 2 days ago and a older woman called for our attention and we thought she must be a member or know the missionaries.. so we started talking to her and she knew nothing about us... Obviously we contacted her and made me laugh so hard.. She told me that my teeth were beautiful and asked if they were real.. ha ha i said i think so.. i tried to pull on them as if they would come out and she said.. well mine aren´t.. and she pulled out both sets, top adn bottom of her dentchers.. ha ha ah aha i couldn´t control myself.. i was dying..
There are not enough words to describe how amazing this area is and how blessed i am to be with Irmã Tingey doing this white wash.. We have to laugh off everything especially when all our plans and plan b´s fall through. I gotta go..

Beijos Com amor,
Irmã Boshard

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