Monday, September 24, 2012

by small and simple things, great things come to pass

My sweet little ones :) I love you. If i don´t say enough i am sorry.. I LOVE YOU. Mom, I got your puzzle letter and boomer and hannahs letters. Thank you so much. There is nothing like going to the mail box and getting a letter. It made me so happy. Boom and Hannah.. You are in high school together.. Umm i feel like i was just in high school with Drew, if feels like it was just yesterday. Be good. Make good choices and BE AN EXAMPLE! There are so many paths to walk, so many temptations and i want you to know that the Lord trusts you two to be good examples to your friends and schoolmates. If you are wondering what kind of example you need to be.. go read the strength of youth.. I love you and care about you and your future.

Our second week in Olhão was awesome but getting progressing investigators was a wee bit difficult. We´re not making too much progress with baptisms however, we are really getting to know the members and recent converts and we are working through them to get references. Yesterday Irmã Tingey and i went to a members house- Paulo Matos.. He is a DJ here in the Algarve and he is pretty cool. He knows people and he´s got friends.. so we told him we want to teach his friends and last night we made a list of his friends, prayed about the names together and after the prayer we all felt one specific name and knew that we needed to work with her this week. Paulo was on a high.. He felt so good after the prayer and said this is what you do all day? We said, yep! and we do it for hours!! He was like jumping.. calling his friends and seriously on cloud 9. I love the revelation we receive and we get to show members how the work goes.. We´re making a difference here little by little and the little efforts i know do not go unnoticed.

One of the youth in our branch, Isabela gave us a reference of her friend, Emma who wants to hear the missionary discussions.. Tingey and i were STOKED.. We prepared for the lesson and went to the appointment and Emma wasn´t there. She couldn´t make it. We were so bummed. She didn´t make it to Church either until the end of sacrament meeting.. but we marked with her again this week and PRAY FOR HER. Pray for Emma. Pray for Isabela too. She wants to fill up the chapel with youth and she is gonna help us do it.

This morning i was studying the talk, forget me not by President Uchtdorf i was comparing a lot of this talk to my mission. I am on this incredible journey.. searching for those to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.. along the way we find the elect, we get rejection, we´re happy, we´re sad, we´re exhausted, we have random bursts of energy.. along this path i seem to find myself frustrated because we don´t see the success that should be our end result.. baptism.. I ready this quote from the talk and it says, "God is fully aware that you and i are not perfect." "our journey toward perfection is long, but we can find wonder and delight in even the tinest steps in that journey." President Uchtdorf talked about the story of the golden ticket.. There are so many of us waiting for our golden ticket.. That perfect life.. or which we think is perfect and holds the keys to happiness and what we have always dreamed of.. There is nothing wrong with righteous desires but the problem is that when we put our happiness on hold as we wait for future events.

So i have realized that we´ve gotta step it up.. we´ve gotta stop worrying about next week. What are we going to do TODAY that will change tomorrow? What did you learn from yesterday that is going to help you today, and to prepare for tomorrow?? I´ve gotta do this and fam.. you should do it with me. We´ll recognize the small and sweet little forget me nots along the way.

I can see the difference we are making with the members.They trust us and want us to teach their friends. I LOVE IT. I have never had this in my mission before. the members here are dedicated and so willing to work with us. We can feel your prayers. I am eternally grateful for you. I know the lord is preparing the way for the the return of our savior.

Stay strong, fight the good fight this week and take care.
Com amor,
Irmã Boshard

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