Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last Week As A Greenie!


Family- you are all so incredibly wonderful. Just so you know i have an hour to email every week.. I love hearing from you since i only get your letters twice a transfer. This is my last week as a greenie! My first transfer is almost over! OH MY.. sorry President sent you a letter about sending letters to the mission home. I didn´t know that was the mission home address.. Send letters here until i get you my residence address.

This week i went to Benfica again for Zone Conference. My mission president is THE MAN. I love him so much. He knows things that blow me out of the water. He told us we need to always be walking with Christ. If we are not seeing success in the mission.. It is because we are not walking with Christ.. He said many other things.. I just don´t have time to give you a run down of our 8 hour meeting.

Remember Rolsalino i told you about last week?? He is seriously lacking faith. He didn´t go to church last week, and we kinda dropped him because he wanted to go back to his life before he met us. He wasn´t willing to pay 10% for tithing. He thinks God shouldn´t tell us how much to pay.. we should be able to pay what we want.. Whatever Rosalino.. so- He´s not elect and we moved on very quickly. It is sad but i cannot dwell on those not willing to be baptized. I have to find the elect!

this weekend we had 4 baptisms. two little girls and two men in their 30´s. It was a CRAZY week. I can´t even tell you how busy we were and how much Satan tried to influence all of our lives. He did not want these baptisms to happen. Sandro smokes and drinks coffee. We tried all week to help with stop and the day of his interview with the DL he had a cup of coffee but didn´t tell Irmã and i. So Elder James said he needed to meet with him again before he was baptized. Long story short.. Sandro was baptized. Diamontino was impossible to meet with this week. People here are SO FLAKY!!!!! They don´t care about time or appointments. I get so annoyed.

Yesterday at church 2 people didn´t show up to receive the holy ghost and 1 man didn´t show up to receive the priesthood. We called them and one was out of town and forgot about church. the other was at her dads house and the other guy who needs the priesthood... well, Irmã and i tracked him down. During church we went to his house and told him how important it is to go to church. It is a commandment. I told him we won´t always be here to help you.. He said his head hurt and he couldn´t walk to church.. BAH!! I know i can´t make anyone do anything but i so badly want people to realize what this gospel will do for them!

Yesterday Irmã and i went to the Stake Presidents house for lunch.They made the best Portuguese food. President said that when you look out the window of his living room, you can see where the temple is going to be built! He won´t tell us when or where, but amazzzing riiight! I am so excited for these elect people out here. What a blessing.

We have a new investigator and we committed him to baptism this Sunday. His name is Lucio. He is Brazilian and has a miserable life right now. He is divorced, has two daughters and his ex wants him in prison.. She sounds crazy. Lucio smokes like 40 cigarettes a day and he has gotten down to about 10 or less a day. The spirit is amazing and he is being blessed. Everyday we see a change in him. He came to church with his daughter yesterday and he felt so good. He has read a lot of the book of mormon and has that desire to be closer to Christ. It is humbling to be apart of this process. I see miracles everyday.

The language is getting better and it is easier to stop people on the streets. I´ve kind of had a hard time stopping someone in their tracks. but with the help of the Lord, the work is becoming more natural for me.

Thank you for your support! I have pictures to send to you. They´ll be off this week. You are are amazing and i am so blessed to have you as my family. There is a reason for everything and this grand plan god has for us is indescribable. It is a privilege for me to serve these people and bring them unto Christ. There isn´t a better calling in this world.

I love you all!! XOXO

Take Care,

Irmã Boshard

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