Thursday, March 5, 2009

Things need to change

So i have had a run of a few bad months lately. Life doesn't feel the same. Things are changing and i want to change as a person. I want to do a service project so bad. I would love to go to Africa for a month or longer to help out where i can! I need to be more selfless and think of others. School has been tough for me and i really want to improve. I took a test today and i didn't pass. It is the most awful feeling. I hate it because then i feel like i won't pass the class, then i won't graduate college, then i won't get a good job.. and on and on.. ha ha i make myself crazy! I need direction. I need to change whatever it is in my life that is holding me back. I always say, "life sucks, then you die." But really it is what we make of it and i am making it suck! I need to look for opportunities instead of wait for them to happen. There is so much i could do out there and i can't just focus on one thing. If you have any suggestions or anything to get me started I would LOVE IT!!! By the way.. The new Nordstrom is opening tomorrow and it will be amazing! I cannot wait!

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Anonymous said...

Kenz, we need to get together! I love you and miss you! Lets do a service project together! I do them all the time... well I used to lol, and lets work on our home front USA before we think of moving to Africa :D I'm coming to your desk tomorrow and your having lunch with me!!!