Monday, March 2, 2009

It's finally March

I am so glad we are in the month of March. The weather is getting better and I L.O.V.E. it!! I had a pretty good weekend. It was better than most lately. Ha ha I hung out with my sister and her husband. We went to a surprise party for my dear friend Mattie Tate. I never see her and i wish we went back to the good times we had! We used to tan in my front year during the summer and there were construction guys out front! Ha ha we didn't even care.

On Saturday, I went on a blind double date with my friend Melissa. Her date was Jake and my date was Chase. They were such cute boys. We went to the Jazz game and a couple that was sitting right by us got engaged. The jazz bear and some of the dancers were surrounding them as he proposed. It was so cute, but that's not my cup of tea.. I would want it to be just us and no one else. That is a special moment. Anyway, after the game we went and played pool at Chase's house and then the game " I have never ever..." I was horrible because i had no idea what to say. Oh well... The first date is out of the way and the second usually turns out better!

Sunday was seriously the best day ever. I cried all day but it was a good cry. Our sacrament meeting was about the economy and how we are going to face some tough times but we can get through this. We have been warned for years about getting our food storage ready and make sure we are on the right path and doing what is right. I feel to blessed and lucky to live in such a wonderful home and have amazing parents who teach me so much everyday!

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