Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jason Mesnick is the worst Bachelor

This is Molly the rebound

This is Melissa who is too good for Jason anyway

This is Jason the worst bachelor EVER!

I could not even believe what happened last night on the Bachelor. I was so excited Jason picked Melissa and i thought they were the cutest couple and they would be a great family. Especially when they jumped in the pool in their nice clothes after Jason proposed... Well all of America guessed wrong!!!!!!!! Melissa was right when she said Jason is a bastard! How could you do what Jason did to Melissa on TV and then turn around and mac on Molly after Melissa gave her ENGAGEMENT RING 2 seconds before! It made me sick to sit there and watch what was happening. I hope Melissa finds the most amazing man who loves her and will never do what Jason did to her. I hope she is not the next bachelorette.. Melissa is too good for that show!

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