Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Get On With It

I've decided to get on with it! I found an appartment and i am moving out in April!! I'm freaking out. For so long everyone has told me to get out of my parents house and go live in Provo.. Well, that is exactly what i am doing. My mom was really sad when i told her last night. She wants me to stay home forever. Ha ha I'm pretty sure i will finish my generals at UVU and then hopefully transfer to the University of Utah. I just love that school and i am a total city girl. Life will be completely different, but i need that change. Where i am at in my life just isn't working. I'm not as close with people as i thought and other people seem to be moving on with their life faster than i can get my life started. It just seems like a good time to go for change.


Jason and Bria said...

props to you! its so fun living on your own!

Anonymous said...

AHH Kenz I'm so excited for you!!! Living out of the parents house is such a blast! Not to mention you'll be in Utah County and we can hang out!!!