Monday, April 23, 2012


Bom Dia Minha Queridas,

So my emails have kinda been Debbie Downer status lately because i always forget to write down what happens during the week to give you such a thoughtful update on Almada.. So i am sorry for all of you who suffer when reading my emails.. But this week, I made to make a point to update you on the amazing experiences i am having out here on mish.. 

Irmã Wilde and i have been suffering with a cold for about a week and a half. Both of us, at the same time.. It´s been horrible and it make us push so much more to find energy to talk to everyone we see.. Every contact we introduce ourselves, cough on them... teach a principle, our nose is running, and then we say a pray with them and cough on them again. ha ha it´s disgusting. 

Update on Ruthe.. She is making some major progress.. We finally got to watch the restoration DVD with her and she loved it!!! I have been wanting to watch it with her and every time we went to her house it never worked out. But finally she watched it and after it was over she said. I loved it.. It´s true, but will you be patient with me? I need to watch it again.. She is really trying to internalize everything we teach her and she is progressing but is one that needs to feel SUPER prepared before baptism.. She is worth the patience.. She made Irmã and i a home made remedy of medication and spoon fed it to us the other day.. She is so kind and thoughtful.. I can´t tell you how grateful i am for the love that i have for these people.. They are so dear to me. 

Recent Convert update: Severino who was baptized last week received the holy ghost yesterday and was just beaming! After Sacrament Meeting Bishop Vaz interviewed him to receive the priesthood next week and he told me that he is so excited to grow in the gospel and have this power of god with him at all times.. He also called us last night as he was studying the scriptures and asked us a few questions about the reading!! I am such a proud little mom of these new members.. Words can´t express the humility that i have to serve and share the gospel with these elect children of god.

I am sad because Alberto who was baptized a few weeks ago is struggling to find work and he is mad that heavenly father isn´t blessing him right away.. and he didn´t come to church yesterday.. He thinks that right after baptism everything is supposed to run smoothly, and he should have work, money and a happy family, a girlfriend.. and so many other things.. Satan is really working on him and we are trying our best to strengthen his testimony.. Keep him in your prayers.. 

This morning i was studying the scriptures and i read Mosiah 4: 30. It talks about watching yourself, be good and have faith.. It´s something i need to share with an investigator but i also thought you could use it too.. Be careful in all that you do.. During the sacrament on Sundays, do a check up on yourselves and how well you are doing to prepare yourselves and gods children to return to him.. I´ve truly come to love the book of mormon and i am so grateful to have the opportunity to read it everyday.. We should read it everyday but i basically live, eat, drink and breathe this book and it makes me so happy!!! 

Irmã Wilde and i are having a blast serving together.. I love training her.. but i feel like she pretty much has the work down.. we just laugh all the time in the road and i am truly grateful for her in my life. She has a killer testimony and is a solid missionary. Another testimony confirmation that Heavenly Father knows me and knows who i need in my life to serve with at this time. 

Take care my beloveds.. Have a great week.. 

Com amor,

Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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