Monday, April 9, 2012

You Are Loved

My sweet, ever so sweet sweet family... I love you. and if you didn´t know that already. i love you. Thank you for sending me letters and packages and birthday wishes.. I don´t even know where to start with what happened on my birthday. Obviously it is just another day in the mission, but Heavenly Father made this day full of miracles. So let´s start at square one.. Irmã Wilde was a sweetheart and made me a bowl of cereal with a birthday card and then we did some studies and left our house because we had an appointment with Alberto who we were trying to mark for baptism and during the week he kept saying i can´t commit to baptism. I need more time.. Let me think about this.. so we did. But Thursday morning he finally accepted baptism!!!! He said i am ready.. Show me the font, what am i wearing.. Let´s get it going.. MILAGRE.. then our sweet investigator Ruthe fed us this amazing pasta with her family.. We then contacted a bunch of people and found new investigators. then afterwards we went to another investigators house, Misael and his family had made me some specialty desserts from Brazil and it was incredible. We talked about conference with him and the plan of salvation. Misael´s sister told us that we don´t realize what a blessing we are in Misael´s life and he is so grateful that we knocked on his door. Irmã Wilde and i arrived in our house that night just on cloud 9 because this work is ridiculous. It´s unbelievably real.
Yesterday was Alberto´s baptism and it was LEGIT!!! He made HUGE changes this week to be baptized.. We found him last Friday, he came to conference on Sunday, We met with him Tuesday, taught him the word of wisdom.. He smokes, drinks coffee and drinks alcohol.. but he gave all of it up in ONE DAY! He has been smoking since he was 10 years old and never thought of it as an addiction because he is just accustom to smoking.. so this week he has been able to actually feel. things he has never felt before.. We were teaching him in the chapel one night and he told Irmã and i that he is just struggling in life. He cried and cried because he needs a job, his mom won´t talk to him, he can´t sleep and just wants to stop feeling.. He said that Book of Mormon has made him happy and has given him hope in life..
THESE ARE THE ELECT IN THE WORLD... You know when i email home in despair because i feel like we don´t have any progressing investigators?? Well.. you see I am thinking of the eternities every day here and i literally feel sick when we are not finding the elect because i know they are out there.. they are our friends.. our neighbors.. there are so many of heavenly Father´s children who don´t even know this is what they need, but the moment we open our mouths and share our testimony, they will recognize the spirit and recognize heavenly fathers voice. Doubt not, fear not.. We are here to do the work of the Lord..
Oh.. side note. funny story.. Yesterday i filled up the baptismal font and whelp. I over filled.. and water started coming out from every corner in the basement in the chapel and it wasn´t just water.. It was pee pee poopy water.. It smelled SO BAD and we had to wipe it all up in 30 minutes before the baptism started.. I felt horrible.. Who does that??? Obviously only Irmã Boshard.. But everything else went really well and Alberto is so happy and ready to live the rest of his life in the gospel.
Be diligent in all that you do. Take care! XOXO
Com Amor,
Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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