Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Holidays From Madeira!

Happy Holidays!!! On the island of Madeira.. It feels like summer to me. It is sunny most days and when it rains it is not too cold. It definitely does not feel like December.. I feel like it should be snowing any day now.. This is weird..

So- sorry Drew i didn´t get the chance to respond about the missionary in your ward from Portugal.. What is his name again and where did he live in Portugal?? Details.. Thanks :) oh yeah.. my zone leaders have a package for me and i think it might be the one you send me.. They said i can get it this week.. We´ll see, but thanks for being so thoughtful.. I love you!

This week was a week of miracles.. seriously. My mind is blown at how the Lord works with missionaries. Saturday night last week we met a drunk on the side of the road and invited him to church.. well he came to church last week and brought a friend with him.. The friend is Fabio.. Fabio had some questions after church.. said he loved the feeling of peace during the meetings and would like to return.. He talked about his mom that passed away and it has been rough, so we talked about eternal families, you know the routine and well we instantly made an appointment to teach him and the following Tuesday we taught him and marked him to be baptized on Sunday (yesterday). Tuesday night, he gave up drinking, smoking and coffee, cold turkey people.. and never returned to it this week.. It wasn´t even a temptation for him. He is SO elect.. and was baptized yesterday.. He actually received the Holy Ghost yesterday too because on Friday he is moving to England for work and won´t be returning to Madeira for a while. He can´t wait to meet the members in England start his new life there.. Seriously.. I was so grateful to be and instrument in the Lords hands to help change Fabio´s life.
Yesterday we also baptized João.. yay!! 2 baptisms!! João has been in depression for the last 6 months and it was a blessing to find him in the road last Sunday night.. He had attend church years ago with the Elders and was excited to find us and return to church with us this week. João is quiet and timid but truly loves the lord and wants a new path in life. Right after he was baptized he walked out of the font, he slipped and fell and hit is head on the stairs.. His head started bleeding, i gasped extremely loud and was so worried. He was starting to feel pain but said he was fine. Thankfully our Zone leaders were there to help us and they cleaned up his head and said it was deep and that he should be okay but we should go to the hospital because we don´t want anything bad to happen if he goes to sleep. So- after the baptism we drove to the hospital and waited for an hour and a half and thank heavens João was alright and his cut wasn´t seriously deep.

I will never stop talking about how grateful i am for this mission. It is such a blessing in my life to be of service in the Lords hands and teach others about his message. What if i extend my mission and stay here forever??
I love Irmã Dias.. She and i have a blast doing this work together.. We have the same vision and purpose here, the work comes easy.. (some days.. Of course you know it is not perfect out here in the mission field) but She and i are ment to be serving together in this time. I have so much to learn from her.

Okay- a few questions and favors...

Mom and Drew- can you find Alyssa Mortensen on facebook for me and get her address? She and i were companions in Odivelas and i need to write her and send her some pictures... Will you check on her too.. Make sure she is doing alright for me.. She returned home just a few weeks ago from the field i need an update on her. But not that i am a creep.. She´ll understand :)

Did you get my postcards? I hope so.. I thought they were so cool.. the material of cork.. I found then at Cristo Rei in Almada.

I love you all.. as always.. you are my family and all! I hope you are all having fun prepping for the holidays.. We get to chat soon.. Already.. Man.. Okay.. apostasy.. I can´t think about that..

Take care! XOXO

Irmã Boshard

P.s... I may or may not email you next week because we are flying to Lisboa for our Mission Christmas Party and i don´t know if i will have time to shoot you all an email.. so... be patient.

p.s.s My new favorite scripture is Alma 12: 35 Read it. Love it. Live by it.

okay.. i re-read this email and i need to clarify that João´s cut was NOT deep when the Elders looked at it the first time.. man.. sometimes i type so fast.. sorry..
What is it with me and hospitals.. man, i am curse aren´t i??

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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