Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pia Celestial Will Never Give Me Something I Can't Handle

Olá, what a transfer i have had. I only have two more weeks in this transfer and i feel like it just started last week. freak man.. I just have to tell you how amazing it is to serve on an island.. For pday today Irmã and i went to the other side of the island to a little city called Santana.. As we were walking down the streets a lady was standing out side her house and said, come here.. i want to show you my house.. so we walking into her house and she showed us everything.. It was hilarious.. People here are very proud of their homes.. I love it!
So i have come to truly realize here on the mish, that pai celestial (heavenly father) will never give me something i can´t handle.. He only sends me things that i can grow from and use to help other people.. I have really been stressed out of my mind because the work has slowed down and i don´t know what to do with myself.. The last few weeks we haven´t had that many progressing investigators, therefore we haven´t been baptizing.. My favorite thing to see in the mish is when someone is willing to fully come unto Christ, accept his gospel and all his teaching and be baptized the same way he was.. I know i have been able to make a difference here and there in lessons, but ii have just been going crazy.. However.. I got over the stress and met this wonderful family at the end of last week. Remember when we baptized Maria a few weeks ago?? Well, we are now teaching her husband and two sons.. They all need to stop smoking and drinking and they will be ready for baptism.. They are an elect family.. I am so excited for them.. We hike a mountain to get to their house everyday but it is worth the 45 minute walk..
funny story about Maria.. you know how weird i am and how i always said weird things in weird voices.. if you don´t we are obviously not close enough friends.. jk but.. I have started to say things with my voices.. of course in Portuguese and it is hilarious.. but Maria mocks everything i do.. she said Irmã and i are her best friends.. she is 76 years old.. I love her.. She said we have to pray for her for the rest of our lives.. She is the cutest lady..
Our branch is doing so much better. Timóteo is a great branch mission leader and has helped us a lot with the work.. We can really see a change in attitude and they seem more welcoming to our investigators..
Do you remember that investigator that made me cry when i first arrived to Madeira?? He said our church was mask and had signs of the devil on our temples?? Yeah i said i would never go back, but Irmã Thayer made me go with her.. It is amazing how the spirit works.. We have been teaching him almost everyday this last week and he said he will be baptized if we can explain the symbols on the temple.. He has done so much research on anti mormon websites.. it is ridiculous.. He has been praying to sincerely know if the book of Mormon is true and if Joseph was a prophet.. oh and when the lord wants him to be baptized.. He´s been a tough cookie and we keep asking why heavenly father is sending us there, but there is a reason. He will be a huge asset to our branch.. We just need to keep praying that he will accept the gospel... like today.
I hope you all have a great week. Love you!!! XOXO
Com Amor,
Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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