Monday, January 23, 2012

Life Is Beautiful & Eternal!

Bom Dia!!!
Olá.. Minha querida família! Mom- Thank you for sending me the church news and thank you Boomer and Hannah for sending me your letters. Your lives sounds so busy.. I hope you enjoy this time as teenagers because it goes by so fast..
Boomer- Use this time right now to prepare for your mission. I am not even lying when i say i regret all the time i wasted to prepare to be a missionary. When i say prepare.. I mean, Tell yourself you want to go on a mission because it is what the lords wants and you obviously love the lord and want to obey him.. Don´t do it for anyone else.. but have the desire to serve. It is a privilege. Read your scriptures, attend seminary, be faithful to the teachings and commandments of God.
Hannah- Be good to mom and dad.. This goes for you too Boomer. Be a happy teenager. Respect what mom and dad say. They know best because they have learned from experience. Be an example to all your friends. Speak kinds words and be a good student. Hannah, read your scriptures daily. Love the word of god and soak it all in.
I am telling you this because last night I wasn´t expecting to get the response we did from a man as we were knocking doors. I wish i would´ve been more prepared with words but i know the spirit was guiding me. As Irmã Thayer and i were knocking doors a man walked out and said, no no no.. You are wrong! (he was speaking English by they way) He said, you´re wrong, your religion is wrong.. your book is wrong.. If you are preaching of Christ why is your book called Mormon?? He whipped out his bible and started reading all these scriptures.. and we just sat and listened to him blab.. I was praying my heart out because i felt like this was probably going to be my first experience with someone trying to prove us wrong with just the bible. Thankfully i have the spirit of the lord and thankfully Heavenly Father has forgiven me for not going to institute (because he knows i will go after the mish) however, all i could do was bear testimony of the book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. We showed him a few scriptures but he wasn´t listening too carefully.. It was our testimony that was going to touch his heart.. After we stayed in his front door for an hour we knew we had to leave and he wasn´t budging so we said see ya.. and he said when you find out your are wrong come back and see me.. oookay.. not. Some people just aren´t quite prepared for our message yet. But Heavenly Father continues to guide us to those that are ready for our message.
Oh mom- I talked to the office about why i had to pay 30€ for my package and it was because you wrote RX on the outside of the box.. Portugal doesn´t like when people use medications and medical stuff from other countries.. they want us to buy products here, so if they see that prescriptions are written on the box they will search it and charge you. It´s ridiculous.. so I was told that if you send me my pills, just write nutritional supplement on the outside of the box.. It´s been fine for other missionaries.
Last week was a little bumpy and rough.. I have been extremely blessed to see success every week thus far in my mission. This last week was my first week with hardly any success. I feel like the work has really slowed down. We don´t have any progressing investigators and one of our recent converts said he is not coming back to church. I was dumbfounded sitting in his house. I was not expecting to hear that come out of his mouth. He said I have faith in God, I am a good person, I know i am breaking some of the commandments but God still loves me. First of all, he was baptized, he knows the covenants he made with god, he knows keeping the sabbath day is a commandment but yet he is still not willing to go to church. I don´t understand the mind of some of these people. He said we can still be Friends and chat on the phone.. I said no. We are representatives of Christ. He said, we are all children of god. I said yes but that is not what i mean. We are hear to help you repent and you are not willing to repent. He laughed and we left his house so sad. How do you help someone repent if they know what they are doing is wrong and aren´t willing to continue to make changes?? It doesn´t make any sense to me. Blahhhh so I am just grateful to have a new week to go find new investigators and bring the gospel into their lives.
I love this gospel. I know the book of Mormon is proof that god and his son Jesus Christ lives. I know that the book of Mormon is proof that Joseph Smith was a prophet of god. I know that we have the commandments to protect us from the temptations of evil. I love you all!!! XOXO
Com Amor,
Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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