Monday, January 16, 2012

Miracle at 10PM

Hi There fam..
Dad.. Thank you for your email this week! It was great to get an update on the fam and to hear how you are doing since i didn´t hear from annny offf youuuu.. not that i am bitter or anything you know.. i kid. I hope Hannah had a great Birthday.
Let´s just jump right into what happened to Irmã Thayer and i yesterday.. Craziest day. oh my.. So we have our investigator marked to be baptized yesterday.. maria, and she didn´t come to church.. We couldn´t get a hold of her and we couldn´t leave Church to go get her because we were teaching the classes.. So.. we just kinda left it and we were so sad.. Well, president torgan always tells us that repentance brings forgiveness... so we repented of everything thing we had done wrong this week. Church was over and we went home to eat lunch and pray some more.. We felt that we should visit Maria in her house.. but it was kinda sketchy because she has asked us not to pass by her house because of her neighbors.. it´s a long story.. so felt that the spirit told us to go see her so we did.. obviously we are missionaries.. Well we got to her house we talked to her about the importance of attending church and that she could still be baptized because she had attended church a few times.. she said i can´t be baptized today.. That is impossible, i am tired i have things to do.. we need to do this another day.. after of talking for an hour we finally were able to pray with her and ask the lord when he wanted her to be baptized. This is the lords work and all, and we felt that she should be baptized yesterday so we wanted to confirm with the lord.. In the middle of the prayer she gasped and said, i need to be baptized.. she ended her prayer, got up and left the room.. Irmã and i looked at each other and i said what is going on?? We were so confused.. Maria came back into the room and said lets go.. We said, WHAT? where?? She said i am going to be baptized! It was about 6:30 last night we need to catch an hour long bus ride to Funchal, we called the elders they filled up the font, call our members and no one would come.. so we called another set of elders to be witnesses and help us baptize, and we had a baptism last night at 10pm with 4 elders, 2 Irmãs and our sweet little investigator.. When Maria entered the font she tried to go swimming and dunk her head under the water ha ha, i wish we could have recorded it.. It was hilarious. She was acting like she was taking a bath.. However, the spirit was incredible. Maria is someone with some much faith and confidence in the lord. I love her! She can´t wait to receive the holy ghost next week. There is always opposition when we are preparing someone to be baptized and.. you know who.. satan.. did not want her to be baptized.. It always blows my mind the way he works.. I should never be surprised but yet i always am.. He will even work through members.. yeah.. i know.. So the pictures i attached are of her cute little baptism last night. i have never had a baptism so late and without members.. but this is truly the work of the lord and she needed to be baptized last night.. and she was.. Don´t ever doubt the lord or his will.. just do.. There is a reason and in no time we will see the long term effects.
I think i have the greatest family in the world.. I love you.. and don´t be afraid to invite someone to church or to read the book of mormon. Be firm in your testimony and what you know is true.. We are here to bless the lives of our brothers and sisters.. We told them in the pre-existence we would come to earth and find them! We have been blessed with the truth and it is our responsibility to share it. So just do it. XOXO
Com Amor,
Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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