Monday, June 25, 2012


Oiii, My new area is ridiculous and beautiful. It is the bigger brother of Madeira. It is a cute little, actually huge area, but a small branch. Irmã Palmer and i have a lot of work to do. Our branch president is from Brazil and he brought his family here to Vila Real because he knew the church needed growth and sacrificed everything to come here and serve. He is an incredible man. Branches are a blessing to serve in.

Last week we ran into many challenges, miracles and blessings of course because you can´t have one with out the other.. We passed by João Paulo´s house.. He was a former investigator years ago and found the Irmãs on the street a few weeks ago so we passed by to visit him. He told us when we walked in the door that he wanted to be baptized.. He said i know i need to change my life around but i need your help. Can you help me? Clearly we can João Paulo. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom and that he needs to come to church with us and he said, yeah no problems.. We marked to meet with him again this week and wanted to invite him to be baptized with a date and he said he was in Chaves.. another city kind of by Vila Real.. So we waited until he came back to visit him.. When we went by he wouldn´t open the door and his sister started telling us that we were annoying and should leave their home. She swore at us in english and it is really weird.. Her sentences didn´t make sense. It was so sad to see that satan had gotten a hold of João Paulo and his sister. I know Heavenly Father is preparing the hearts of his children here in Vila Real but sometimes they face hard times to learn and get super ready for baptism ha ha.. I have faith that João Paulo will come around. Pray for him.

This is the torgan´s last week in the mission and we are getting ready for the Fluckingers.. I don´t if is spelled it right but i already love them and i can´t wait to meet them. Pray for the Torgans and the Fluckingers. They are incredible people with willing hearts to serve. I am so blessed!

I am sorry this is short like always but i am doing the work of the lord.. I know we are preparing for the second coming and we do not have room to wait and repent later.. the time is now to stay stronger than ever! If you are struggling, the time will pass and know that the Lord loves you and is aware of you. You are not forgotten!! I love you and hope the best for all of you this week. Take care.



Irmã Boshard

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