Monday, June 4, 2012

JUNE 4, 2012 ~ Oiii, Tudo bem? I love you all...just so you know. Hugs and kisses for all!

Oiii, Tudo bem? I love you all.. just so you know. Hugs and kisses for all!

This week we had our last conference with President and Irmã Torgan.. It was so uplifting and sad and emotional and so many other emotions. I am truly going to miss them. They have left a HUGE imprint on my life. They are a power couple. They speak with power and i have never known people like them. Don´t get me wrong i am really excited for our new mission president and his wife.. i just know it will be a transition. At the end of the conference we all got hugs from President Torgan.. It was just like hugging dad. It was tender. I´ll miss them.

Irmã Barlow and i have been trying to make a difference in the ward. We have made plans to visit at least one member everyday because our ward is in need of some union. We are hoping that through our visits we can strengthen the members and help them to stay active and get their friends to church.. Pray for us. We need prayers.

This week we met a woman named Carla on the sidewalk. She saw the Book of Mormon in our hands and said.. is that a book of mormon. Are you mormons? We said yes.. Have you talked with our companions before? she said yes.. I talked to them months and months ago. I loved the lessons and you message. She then pulled out "Our Legacy" from her purse and said i need you to come to my house and teach me. I really miss your presence in my home. We got her information and tried to pass by the other day but she wasn´t home. Pray for Carla.. We need to catch her again and help her get to church. Everyday i see miracles. Heavenly Father is preparing his children for Irmã Barlow and i 24/7. kind of like when we met Marlena this week too. We stopped to talk to her for maybe 2 minutes in the road, got her number and said we´d call her later.. Yesterday we called her and she said i am so sad today. Can you come over and visit me.. OF COURSE! When we arrived at her house she had some bruises on her arm and a black eye. I was worried. Marlena told us that her boyfriend got mad at her the other day because he wants her to stop going the the Evangelical church. She said she won´t give up her faith for him so he hit her.. She said the last few weeks she has felt so alone. She felt like God has abandoned her. But the moment we contacted her on the road she knew we were an answer to her prayers. She said i know god knows me and loves me and he sent you to me that day because i felt suffocated. We read with her some verses in the book of mormon and LOVED it. We explained how authority has been restored to the earth and she believed that as well.. So towards the end of the lesson we invited her to be baptized and she said.. i was already baptized in your church many years ago as a child but when i grew up i never returned. I never the doctrine or your teachings but all of this feels right.. I want to come to church with you this week. Can i?.. Seriously.. i thought these things only happened in dreams.. But they happen in real life.. Real life.. oh my.. this is real life, real people and salvation. I love being guided by the spirit. These miracles happen and sometimes we don´t realize they are miracles for at least a few days. The church is true. I know it. Everything testifies to me that it is truly Christs church and he directing it today. Here in Portugal and everywhere else in the world. It´s pure bliss.

Oh we marked a cute young girl for baptism next week. She has been attending church in Setubal.. another city here in Portugal and she moved to our area.. We met her and started teaching her the lessons and she accepted to be baptized next Sunday! Pray for Beatriz that she will stay strong this week and avoid all temptations of the world. She is one of the elect!

Funny story: Irmã Barlow and i were standing in front of an investigators house this morning waiting for to come to church but he was definitely ignoring us, our phone calls and he wouldn´t answer the door.. so as we were waiting Irmã Barlow said, i am going to throw up. I said ugh.. go over there by the dirt because there wasn´t a trash near by... just as she made it over there she threw up ALL OVER her hands, the cement wall, and on her skirt. The poor thing. We had to run to a public drinking fountain in the park so she could wash her hands skirt before church.. We died laughing all they way to church and basically for the rest of the day.

Okay, Time is up. I love you all. Go read the talk The profile of a prophet. It changed my life this week. It will do the same to you if you haven´t already read it. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of god and today Thomas S. Monson is our prophet who speaks with Heavenly Father.. Carry on and keep calm. LOVE YOU!

Com amor,  Irmã Boshard

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