Monday, June 4, 2012

BOYS ON BIKES - May 28, 2012

Goooood Afternooooon... We are hitting up summer here in Portugal and i am really working on my farmers tan. It´s looking really good. It takes absolutely no effort. ha ha It´s unfortunate to hear that you are all still suffering in the cold... eeeekkk I feel for ya.. but we are still suffering from fleas in our house and we are trying to get them out of our couch.. we may just have to throw it out.. it´s pretty nasty.. Fleas here are so annoying and so easy to catch! Every dog has them and i swear they just jump on our skirts when we walk by because i refuse to touch them. This is the 4th time i have caught them out here. Anyways..

Yesterday we had the sweetest baptism.. William is his name and he rocked the baptismal suit!! He was so prepared by heavenly father to take this step and follow Christ. As we were teaching him during the week about prophets he said, if there was something i could ask a prophet i would want to know how i can be faithful in this church for the rest of my life?.. I don´t know anyone, Investigator wise that talks like that.. He accepted every commandment we taught him, loves the book of mormon and is excited to come to church and grow spiritually!!! I don´t know what i would ever do in my life if i never met such incredible people out here. They strengthen my testimony everyday.

For Williams baptism i made a cake.. obviously.. Irmã status.. and SOMEONE ATE HALF OF THE CAKE DURING THE BAPTISM in the kitchen.. I was so sad, so frustrated that no one respects other peoples things.. This is not the first time this has happened you know, but i just continue to have so much trust in others. So i think the next lesson in the ward will be honesty. yeah? yeah! 

Ha ha i am already laughing before i even tell this story because it is so funny... First thing.. I love training.. I don´t know if i have already said that like 500 times but i do.. It makes me so happy and makes the work fun. Especially during lessons when things are not being taught correctly.. Irmã Barlow was teaching William about the celestial kingdom and she was trying to explain that Pai Celestial and Jesus Cristo LIVE in the Celestial kingdom but she said they DIE in the celestial kingdom. William was a little confused and said what?? I was laughing so hard i couldn´t explain what she meant to say.. ha ha To live and to die sound really similar in Portuguese and can be easily mistaken.. It so easy to make a mistake but you just laugh it off when everyone laughs at you.. ha ha

oh, annnd Irmã Barlow totally had a squirrel moment and i just about wet my pants.. ha ha we were teaching Misael about family history and the temple and it was really spiritual until Misaels daughter pulled out a chocolate egg and in the middle of Irmã Barlows sentence, she says.. ohhhh whats that?? and then returned to her sentence about the temple and Misael was laughing so hard that he was crying and we couldn´t really get back to the lesson.. It was hilarious though.. it totally was a "boys on bikes" slash squirrel moment.. Thanks fam for the memories and thanks mom for always being our "boys on bikes" ha ha ha I love my greenie..

Keep chugging along my little sweeties! I love you all. Boa Semana :)
Com amor,
Irmã Boshard

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