Monday, June 11, 2012

11 June, 2012 - 36 Sisters serving Portugal Lisbon Mission !

Boa Tarde Queridos,  (Good Evening )

Vou tentar e escrever minha carta em Português hoje. Pode ser?
( I'll try and write my letter in Portuguese today.  Can it be? )

Naaah just kidding.. I really do need to work on writing more in Portuguese. I´m freaking out that i only have the gift of tongues for 6 more months.. eeekkk alright not important but still.. It freaks me out.

Last week was AWESOME. Irmã Torgan put together an irmã conference and ALL THE IRMÃS in the mission got together in Lisboa and we talked about nails, hair makeup, families.. jk we really didn´t. Apostasy. There was about 34 or 36 of us. We discussed doctrine and missionary work and i LOVE it. Irmã Torgan put so much work into the conference and i can´t say how wonderful she is. She is a powerful woman that has a testimony that can punch you in the face, like president Torgans testimony can. Seriously. She is incredible. President and Irmã Torgan only have 4 weeks left and they are outta here.. whoa.. Change is good right? yes.. it´ll be fine.
We had another 2 irmãs move into our house this week. Its blissful chaos and i love it. Irmã Nelson, from Arizona and Irmã Patricio, from Cape verde. They are amazing. I´ve got so much to learn from them. Irmã Barlow is progressing so well.. It makes me feel better when i can see my little greenie applying what i am trying to teach them.. Oh this email will be short. I am sorry.. I love you all. Next week is transfers, so if i don´t email on Monday it will be on Tuesday. The work is continuing.. We are really trying to work with the ward and we are seeing progress.. I love it. I love this ward. I love the leaders. I love our investigators.. Even when they take like 4 months to be taught..

Misael.. i´ve talked about him before.. I met him in February and i am still teaching him.. He is making sweet progress and i hope he is baptized before i leave this area. Pray for him :) I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Beijos.. ( kisses )    XOXO

Com amor,   ( with love )

Irmã Boshard ( Sister Boshard )

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