Tuesday, June 19, 2012

VILA REAL "I'm up North" June 19, 2012

Hey fam fam...

Sorry i didn´t email you yesterday.. I was on a bus ride TO THE NORTH.. I got transferred to Vila Real. It is about 30 minutes outside of Porto.. It is beautiful up here. I miss Almada.. I was there almost 6 months and i saw miracles.. Irmã Barlow is going to stay there and tear it up.

I am serving with Irmã Palmer. She is from South Jordan and seems like she just blows this work out of the water. I am excited for this change and new area.. I don´t have much time but i want to share a really cool experience that Irmã Barlow and i had last week.

We were walking in the street doing some contacting in Cova de Piedade and ran into an old investigator Rosa. We taught her about 4 weeks ago and the first and last time we were at her house, she yelled at us in our face and told us that we were being deceived because there is only one bible and when Christ comes again he will not judge us.. We thought of here as a cafeteria bible reader.. Like she reads what she wants to hear.. so after that lesson Irmã Barlow and i left a book of mormon with her and the restoration pamphlet. We then decided that we were not going to return, unless it was with a member and it ended up being that we never returned to her house. Anyway, We ran into Rosa again and she said, "where have you been? You never came back to my house." We told her we were sorry and yadda yadda.. She then said, I read the book you left with me. We said oh the pamphlet? and she said, no the Book of Mormon. I read it in a week. Our mouths dropped open. She said, I know that that book is true. I said did you pray about it? she said, I don´t need to pray about it. God already knows our thoughts and he knows what i think about the book.. When are you coming back to my house? Yeah- It was pretty amazing. Heavenly Father is preparing the elect for us and we don´t even know it! I felt horrible and so god after we talked to Rosa again. AH I LOVE TEACHING AND SHOWING PEOPLE THE TRUTH!

Sorry i´ve gotta go, I hope you are all well.. Happy Fathers Day and Birthday DAD!!!

LOVE YOU.. Take Care.

Com amor,
Irmã Boshard

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