Monday, October 31, 2011

Ear ache... Biting kids... Baptism!!!


I can´t stop singing ´This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween...´ oh how i miss Halloween in the states. I am SURE my comp thinks i am crazy.. ha ha We both love Halloween and can´t stop talking about how amazing Halloween is in the united states. In Brazil they don´t celebrate it and she wishes they did.

Mom.. Thank you for the package. Loved the plates, napkins, treats, letters from all of you and the ward. The pictures from the primary. I have so many to thank. Tell everyone thank you for me! Oh the peanut butter and chocolate stuff is amazing. The peanut butter here isn´t bad.. it just isn´t American peanut butter. But i will enjoy while i am here in Portugal. It won´t last forever. I also loved the church news. Thank you for being so thoughtful mom. I was actually at the mission office this week and that is why i got your package. Otherwise i would have had to wait until our zone conference in the next few weeks. I got your package because I went to the hospital twice in Lisboa and it is right by the mission office.. but it wasn´t serious. i promise. chill mom.

SO- i´ve got a lot to chat about this week. For reals. Last Monday morning i started to have an ear ache but i didn´t think much of it. By lunch time i was having a hard time chewing and opening my mouth. The pain in my ear was down in my jaw and slightly in my neck. My ear was starting to swell up and then it shut completely. The pain was indescribable. I took some meds to help and i thought the pain would pass. Well.. guess what? It didn´t. By Wednesday i couldn´t handle the pain anymore so i went to the hospital with one of the mission couples here and I got some meds and the doctor said if i needed to come back i could but the meds should help with the pain. For the next few days i didn´t sleep. I couldn´t think, let alone in Portuguese, it was hard for me to focus during lessons and my face started to go numb (weird), so we returned to the hospital on Friday. There the doctor stook at vacuum in my ear, sucked the nasty stuff, i screamed and left the hospital with 4 new prescriptions. ha ha By about Saturday the pain was going away and i was feeling much better. Through all of this last week we still baptized!!!!!! YAY!!!!

Yesterday we had a baptism for Atanasio. He is 18 years old and lives with his mom and sisters. He works to help bring money into the home and he is just a good kid. His baptism was at 9pm because he had to work.. but we will baptize at any hour for peoples salvation here. We are trying to teach his mom and sisters this week, we´ll see what the lord has in store for them but we are really excited.

Umm... During a lesson this week a little boy bit my finger and i screamed.. obviously because it HURT.. and you know what... yeah, the mom did NOTHING about it.. The parenting here is so different than in the united states. I just had to laugh it off because what else am i supposed to do with this amazing name tag on my chest.. oh wait.. wanna know why he bit me? So we were praying, and the little boy was trying to get into my backpack. So i held my hand on the zipper to wait until after the prayer to help him and he decided he would bite me because he wasn´t getting his way.. He is probably 2. Man..

Question- Has Amy received her call yet? What the news with her??? Fill. I am so excited for her!

I feel like i have so much more to say, but the brain has put a hault on my thoughts. Sorry. So mom.. i am fine. i promise. I am still on the meds until this ear ache completely passes but i am definitely being taken care of. The mission is the best place to be. I think i will just stay out here forever. mkay?

oh yeah.. I am still not fluent. in case you are wondering. One of our investigators asked me to say the closing prayer with him because it is funny when i talk. ha ha shame shame shame. I neeed to be fluent.

I love you all.. i hope you have a fun night tonight! Take pictures. I am off to shopping!


Irmã Boshard

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