Monday, October 17, 2011

Rolling Right Along

Happy Fall!! It really should be fall, but it is still so hot here. We are in summer... I like it but i want it to chill down for a bit. We live right by the coast and the smell of the ocean is divine every morning. We live close to Cristo Rei and the bridge that looks like San Fransisco. kinda.. This last week flew by.. flew right on by. I love my companion Irmã Dos Santos. Did i mention last week she is in her second transfer!!! ha ha and hello, there is me.. in my third transfer! Our zone is young in the field. Our ZL´s have been out 4 transfers and 5 transfers. youngans.. and i think this is the first time being ZL´s..Others in our zone have 3, 4, 6 transfers under their belt. It´s amazing the miracles Heavenly Father puts in our path when we are so humble and relying on the spirit 24/7.

Sweet Irmã Dos Santos does not know the area and feels the exact same way i did, when i stayed in Odivelas and had to show my new comp around, but we saw miracles this week!! We marked 3 people for baptism in the next 2 weeks. One of our investigators name is Nelson.. He has been taught by the Irmãs for some time and should have been baptized a few weeks ago, but he bailed on the Irmãs. So Irmã and i felt like we needed to pass by this week and visit him. We taught him about the gospel of Christ, faith, baptism so on and so forth. After the lesson we invited him to be baptized with a date.. He said no, no.. I need to think about this and get back to you later. I said can we kneel right now and pray about this? You need to know from Heavenly Father this is what he wants from you.. Nelson said. yes.. of course... So we knelt down and one at a time each of us prayed.. Irmã prayed, then me and Nelson. When i prayed.. i paused for like 20 seconds.. I wanted Nelson to feel the power of the holy ghost.. right after Nelson prayed.. Nelson said, okay.. I say yes.. he felt so good and knew this is what he needs to do! It was incredible.. He is marked for baptism on the 30th of this month. The spirit is truly amazing and indescribable.. People need to learn how to feel.. We can teach all day and preach all day, but it does nothing if you can´t feel the power of the holy ghost. Man, I love this work!

We marked another young man Atanasio. He is 17 years old and so ready for this.. He loves church and youth center we have. He can meet other youth and hang out and play games.. The mission couple also teaches lessons during the week. He will be baptized next sunday on the 23rd. The other guy we marked is older and his name is João. He knows all of this is true.. he just needs to act.. and he now he is.. He will be baptized on the 30th too.

This week we ate with a member in our ward. The couple served in Porto and i immediately asked who their mission president was and they said President Meeks and Sister Meeks. they were so excited when i told them i knew him.. the couple is Leandro and Marina Cavalio... Marina´s dad died while she was on her mission and she said The Meeks will for sure remember her.. They told me to send Brother and sister meeks their love and i took a picture with them and i will try to send it home soon.

Yesterday was Stake Conference and we had the opportunity to hear from President and Irmã Torgan.. I cannot tell you enough how incredible he is.. He just talks like a general authority.. I have no doubts he will be a general authority. He knows exactly how to lead this work simply and powerfully. He makes everything seem like cake.. You all know my love for him. He is a machine. for reals.

So quickly.. this week i was studying of course in the bible and i was reading Romans 15.. This should be the new relief society thing.. ha ha Service of course. in verse 1 and 2 this is our calling.. serve serve serve.. Also in Acts 20:35 it talks about giving and then receiving.. I wish i could explain better but my time is running out. Go read it and study it. I hope you learn something to help others in this life.

I love you all! I am so grateful for you. Hang in there. Keep strong with scripture study, prayer and temple attendance.. You´re all fantastic. XOXO

Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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