Monday, October 10, 2011


I was transferred today!!! My first transfer leaving the only area i know.. It is weird.. Irmã Mortensen and i were at a bakery just taking our time, looking around this morning because usually transfer calls come later in the afternoon so we just dilly dallied around Odivelas.. Well The secretaries called at 11am and said I needed to pack my bags NOW and it would be great if i was done by noon.. WHAT!!!! We ran home.. I packed in 45 minutes and now i am in Almada.. Weird.. I was so sad to leave Irmã Mortensen.. I LOVE her.. She and i had the best time together.. She helped me throw everything in my suit cases, pack up and leave. I LOVED Odivelas.. I will miss that area SO MUCH!!! Now i am serving with Irmã Dos Santos. She is from Brazil and do not worry.. she only speaks like 2 words of English. ha ha This transfer i will definitely be learning the language. I have been praying and praying to learn this language and whelp, Heavenly Father sent me to the best companion to learn from, soo.. It´s going to be great. Almada is a big city (from what i can tell) and pretty close to the ocean.. I think i am going to love it here.

Last week.. where to begin?? We had two baptisms yesterday! It was fantastic! We baptized Mariano who is from Guinea. We found him as we were contacting in the streets. He was pretty much elect from the moment we met him and heavenly father has been preparing him for a really long time.. His baptism was right after sacrament meeting and then Danny the 13 year old boy was baptized too, but his story is kinda confusing.. His mom lives in Odivelas but on the weekend he stays with is aunt and uncle in Alverca and goes to church with them because his mom works... So Irmã and i taught him during the week in Odivelas because he was home and didn´t work as much. Anyway.. moving on, we got to leave our area yesterday and go to Alverca for the baptism.. Another set of Elders from Povoá had a baptism too for a young boy.. It was wonderful! Side note: Danny´s baptism almost didn´t happen because his aunt said he wasn´t ready and tried to convince his mom, us and the bishop that he can´t be baptized. She called us and was furious and said there is no way.. I do not authorize this baptism.. It was a fight, but in the end.. the spirit won her over and Danny was baptized.. Satan finds any opportunity to stop baptisms.. It gets really old and we just have to prepare ourselves every time. Ugh.

We also passed by Buneca´s house to see how she was doing, because the spirit told us to (obviously) and Freak, She opened the door, rolled her eyes.. then gave us a hug, smiled and was thrilled to see us.. ummmmm yeah.. bipolar.. ha ha i have NO idea what goes through that mind of hers. I am sad i am not in that area anymore to help her get baptized but some day in the future she will be baptized! She has to get the devil out of her. like now. We had 7 or so investigators progressing last week, it was great.. Irmã Mortensen will baptize them all.. I have no worries.

I am glad you are doing well, getting ready for Halloween.. I wish they celebrated Halloween here.. They just take a lot of holidays, close up shop and go to the beach.. ha ha So the work is still growing and i love it. I love seeing the change in peoples lives when they find happiness.. It is sad to leave the people i helped baptize but i just have more work to do here in Portugal. I am excited for what it to come. Family- pray and ready diligently every day.. Helaman 5:12... always rely on our savior. Turn to him for EVERYTHING! I need this mission more than it needs me. I am learning so many little things that make the biggest difference in my life. Don´t take the gospel for granted. Use it in everything you do. I love you all!

Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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