Monday, October 24, 2011

The Greatest Calling


Just in case you all didn´t know i have the greatest calling in the world right now. THE GREATEST CALLING!! Everyday i see miracles. Miracles that only come from a loving heavenly father. There was one day this week Irmã Dos Santos and i were contacting in the street, we contacted 4 people in a row that didn´t believe in god nor cared to hear about our message.. We asked to pray with all of them and only one let us pray with them but wouldn´t meet with us another time. It was a really hard morning. I thought to myself.. did we do something wrong? Did we not pray on time? Did we not talk to someone on the road that heavenly father put in our path? I know.. i am nurotic. ha ha sooo.. Later that night we were about ready to go home and we contacted this cute pregnant lady. She is Joseph Smith.. Seriously.. ha ha but her name is Sonia. She said every church she attends she feels like there is more out there. She wants to find a church with everything but there are too many churchs to look into. OH MY GOSH.. Heavenly Father was just testing our patience that morning and he was preparing us to meet Sonia. We have an appointment to meet with her tonight and i am pretty sure she is elect.

Yesterday we had a baptism!!!! His name is Arlindo and he was a battle to get into the water. ha ha Last Sunday he came with us to stake conference and loved it, but then this week when we tried to meet with him he never had time. Finally on Thursday we had our first lesson with him and invited him to be baptized on Sunday. He was shocked and said i really need to think about this. We said great, but we should probably pray about this right now and ask Heavenly Father. So we did and then he said yes. PRAY IS AMAZING. If there is one thing President Torgan is teaching us right now it is the power of prayer. It is so real. so so real and we are entitled to revelation. All of us.. obviously for different situations but we have the opportunity to communicate with heavenly father. He will only help us if we ask for it. So- Arlindo.. his baptism was yesterday and pretty much it is a guarantee for something to not run smoothly. Irmã Dos Santos and i started to fill up the baptismal font an hour before the baptism and it was about 15 before the baptism was going to start and the font was not filling up. I realized we forgot to use the drain stopper. ha ha whoops! So i ran to get the other Elders (because in our chapel we have 2 other wards and 2 sets of Elders) so i ran to grab the ZL´s to help us and there was no way the font would fill in 15 minutes.. so Elder Hope, me and Irmã Dos Santos started to fill up pans in the kitchen and bathroom and we filled the font right up.. but the baptism had to start 30 minutes late unfortunately. ha ha it was hilarious.

oh- this week Irmã and i witnessed a drug bust on the street. We were sitting on the curb making phone calls and all of a sudden two big guys in black shirts grabbed this guy.. threw him against a building and they took drugs right out of his pockets. He was escorted in a car with some other big guys and that was it. Everyone went back to minding their own business.

o i have so much i want to say about this week but so little time. This drunk guy contacted us in the road the other day. He was riding his bike and we watched him almost get hit by 2 cars. He said good afternoon he strated to blab about nothing.. eating meat and christmas and santa clause. we were trying to leave but he kept asking us questions. Finally, i said can we pray with you. We want to bless your day. He set his bike down and got really serious. I said is there anything you need in your life right now? he said i really need to stop drinking. His eyes filled with tears, he kissed our hands and called us angels. It was marvelous. We are going to start teaching him and help him get his life in order.

This work is a privilege. Absolute privilege. I am so grateful to be here. to help others straighten their lives. Oh testimony is overwhelming BIG!!! We are so lucky to have this gospel in our hands. Do not take it for granted. DO NOT! I did before the mission and i am eternally grateful for the gospel. Stay strong. I love you all!

Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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