Monday, November 7, 2011

Not Much To Tell...

Hellllo my eternal family,

So this week, honestly i don´t even have that much to say.. sorry. For starters I had a baptism yesterday. yay.. Her name is Joana.. a mom of 3 and she is from cape Verde.. i think.. Her baptism was set for 6pm last night and she wasn´t at the chapel and she wasn´t answering her phone.. so we obviously left everyone at the chapel to go find her.. we went to her house, she was there with her daughter and said i can´t be baptized because i just got home from the hospital. my daughter is sick and needs to stay inside, blah blah blah... We prayed, got her ready and her daughter ready and She was baptized at 9pm last night.. I am learning patience for reals out here.. Wow.. waiting on people.. well you all know.. just isn´t my thing.. BUT the lord is teaching me that this is his time and not mine and things will happen according to his will. So the baptism was great, i baked an incredible cake and had to leave it in the oven while we went to look for Joana and Yes.. i knew this would happen.,. the elders ruined it!!! my poor little cake. It was depressing but still SO good.. It was like a Brownie cake. yeah.. yum.

Yesterday we were supposed to have 2 baptisms.. but one fell because of the young mans mom. UGH. So we met Ian last Sunday at church. He was there with a friend and said he loved church.. so we thought... OH yeah, baptism. We tried to call him during the week and his phone was turned off. we didn´t have his address and we had no idea what to do. Magically through the power of prayer ANYTHING is possible and we got his address through the vine and went to his house on Saturday to teach him the first lesson and invite him to be baptized the next day.. this is the life of missionary work. I love it. BAPTIZE. When we invited him he said yes instantly. The mom said yes and everyone was agreeable. So- yesterday morning we got a call from a friend of Ian and they said you need to call Ian because his mom won´t let him be baptized today.. We called she said, no it is too soon. After a 15 minute long phone call she still said no. She we tried everything.. we passed by house and she was sleeping and couldn´t talk to us.. we talked to ian at church and he still wanted to be baptized but not with out the permission of his mom.. clearly. duh. SO long story short.. He will probably be baptized this next week.

Other than this, i´ve got nothing.. I am sorry.. Today for Pday we are going to Cristo Rei.. It should be pretty amazing. I am sure. It was zone pday but then it was cancelled.. So It will be just Irmã and me.
The weather is getting pretty cold and i still need to buy warm clothes.. like everything.. boots, coat, scarfs.. i should have just brought this stuff with me. I don´t know what i was thinking. Oh man.. Remember i talked about that guy Leonardo Cavalho.. He served a mission when President Meeks was in Porto.. Well Leonardo gave me his email but i forgot it today. shoot. I am sorry. Tell Brother Meeks he wants to get in contact with him and next Monday i will remember to bring his email with me.

I am so grateful for all of you. I love you, i love this gospel. It is true. I know it with all my heart. I am grateful for the simplicity of the gospel. It is not complicated. We have commandments for a reason. Keep them! Read the scriptures.. We teach so many people about OLÁ. Orar- pray, Ler- Read, Assistir na Igreja( I bet i spelled that wrong. Sorry)- Go to church! We have to do all three of these things to stay close to the Lord. It is so simple.. so do it. We are working towards eternal life people. Take Care my loved ones!


Irmã Boshard

*Posted By The Boshard Family

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