Monday, November 14, 2011

WARNING.. This email will be super boring


WARNING.. This email will be super boring. I don´t have much to report on. So- I am thrilled this last week has past and we have a new week ahead of us. There was too much drama and other things this week i can only tell you about when i come home. ha ha Last Monday Irmã Dos Santos and i went to Cristo Rei.. It was pretty dang cool. I have lots of pictures i need to send. By the way sorry i never send pictures.. I will work on printing some either today or next week. Irmã and i found a guy at Cristo Rei, he spoke English and yes, I contacted him at Cristo Rei. It was awkward talking about the gospel in English. I felt like i didn´t know what to say. I am more comfortable teaching in Portuguese ha ha. Well, Long story short this guy lives in Lisboa which is not our area, but he loved the first lesson and i made sure the Elders will pass by.

This week will be my 6th month mark in the mission. Have a i been gone 6 months?? I have no sense of time. It feels like i just left home.
This is the last week of the transfer and i am pretty sure i will stay.. My area has a lot of work to do and i need to help strengthen my ward. I don´t know how though. I pray everyday to do what the lord needs me to do, yet i still struggle to find ways to do exactly what he needs of me.

Today I went to the hospital again.. ha ha so fun. I love Lisboa so it is not a problem. When i had the ear infection weeks back, the doctors put me on a medication that i shouldn´t have been on so i had to go in for a physical exam and a blood test today. I am TOTALLY fine, we´ll get the results this week.. i am telling you this because i am filling space in this email ha ha... and we left our house at 10am this morning and returned to our area at 3pm. Oh the joy of hospitals. So in the end of the story, no worries..

We didn´t baptize this week, probably because of all the drama we dealt with.. actually- no it definitely was our fault we didn´t baptize because we didn´t try harder to dunk people in the water. Remember Ian? I talked about him last week.. we tried to baptize him again this week but his mom will not give permission and Irmã Dos Santos kinda gave her a chat about his salvation and yet she won´t budge. It is so hard when we get attached to special people who we know the lord has prepared for us, yet people still have agency and that affects salvation.

To end this very boring email i will leave you with my favorite scripture i found this week. John 14: 26-27. It is about the Holy ghost and the peace we feel because of it´s companionship. It is not peace from the world but peace from our Lord. Which is SO much more important than anything else. I am glad to hear everyone is doing well. I love you all so much and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.. I can´t believe it is already this time of year. I feel like it should still be summer. p.s. Transfers are next Monday so i will try to still email you if i have time. mkay?


Irmã Boshard

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