Monday, November 21, 2011


Today is transfer day...and...............I am serving in the Land of MADEIRA!!!!! OH MY GOSH IT IS GORGEOUS HERE!!!! It is surreal. Last night at 10pm i got a call from the Office Elders and they told me i needed to pack my bags and be ready to catch a flight to Madeira this morning. So i packed and couldn´t sleep, obviously, and then i caught a flight, alone, flew for an hour and a half and now... I am here in Madeira. I cannot believe this is where Heavenly Father needs me to serve. I am so so grateful to be here. It is a privilege to serve on the Islands. WOW. It is warm and humid and GREEN. Yeah- I am at a lost for words. I am so happy.

My companion is Irmã Dias. She is from Portugal and yes, she speaks Portuguese. I am going to help her learn English! I helped Irmã Dos Santos last transfer with English and she was making incredible progress. I have realized i should never teach English because i don´t even know English myself. ha ha All the missionaries who don´t speak English have the opportunity to learn English in the mission. It is a great place to learn because as we all know through the spirit we will have the gift of tongues.

We didn´t have any baptisms last week, unfortunately. Admilson was marked to be baptized yesterday but he said that he is too afraid to leave the catholic church. We have been teaching him for 2 and a half, maybe 3 weeks. He is 22 years old and has a testimony but won´t act on it. It is so frustrating at times to see progress, yet someone won´t take the next step and be baptized. He asked if he could still come to church and if we can still teach him.. so hopefully he will be baptized soon. I am sad i won´t be in Almada to see it. One day, opposition will leave the earth and i can´t wait! until then, we will continue on, right?

Irmã Dos Santos and i found an ELECT investigator last night at like 9:20pm right before we were going home. She has already been to church, she was taught by the missionaries and asked if she could still be baptized.. OH MY YES!!!!! With transfers and other missionaries she must have been forgotten, but what a blessing we found her and should probably be baptized this week. But i won´t be there.. i have work to do here in this land of paradise!!!

So funny story.. last night when i was packing, i found my camera cable in my suit case.. What the?? Where did it come from because i am pretty sure i do not remember packing it ha ha However, i am very sorry i didn´t bring it with me today. I have not unpacked my suitcase yet. SOOO.. next week, i will email you pictures! YAY!!

Okay i finally have the email address for Leonardo Carvalho. He was a missionary when Brother Meeks was the Mission President in Porto. Can you give it to Brother Meeks for me?? Thanks!!!

I hope you are all well and I love you.. Stay strong. I will pray for Grandma Jacobs.. I am hoping for the best.. you must let me know how the surgery goes and what happens. Tell her i love her and i am thinking about her.


Irmã Boshard

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