Monday, October 29, 2012

 President & Irma Fluckiger.. Love them XOXO

 Welcome Irma Valdez
 Really...Me too !!
 WE ARE GOING NUT'S!  Rain, rain and oh another day of rain...hee hee Irma Tingey & Boshard
 Car Pool of Beautiful Sisters..... I want to be a missionary now !
Irma Baershardton Love ~  Boshard,  Walton & Baer - the best of the best of the best - add Wilde too !   OOOH so many great Irma's - 18 Eternity !


WHAT A WEEK!!! Last week, sunday night Irmã Tingey and i recieved a phone call from the office saying that she needed to pack her bags and head up to Braga the next morning, and i was going to be training and needed to stay with the irmãs in Odivelas.. So for the millionth time i went to Odivelas.. I am so blessed to have returned there so many times during my mission.. I got to visit with my recent converts.. Fatima, Isidoro, Avelino, Lourindo.. I got to visit some members too! I don´t know why the lord blesses me with so many tender mercies.. It was so great to see how strong they are in the gospel. Fatima is a counselor in the primary presidency and she is preparing to receive her patriarchal blessing!!!!! The men all have the aaronic priesthood, wear white shirts to church every sunday and they are doing their best to prepare to go to the temple!!!

I was in a tripla with Irmã Baer and Irmã Walton for about 4 days!! All three of us were training so we just worked together in Odivelas until Thursday when we met our new companions.. those girls are incredible. Irmã Walton has blossomed since i first served with her about 8 or 9 months ago.. Irmã Baer is still just a stellar Irmã...

My new companion is Irmã Valdez, she is 24 years old, She is from Texas.. she speaks Spanish fluently and basically speaks Portuguese fluently.. she picked up the language quickly in the MTC.. Irmã Valdez is a blessed soul. She is hilarious and outgoing.. i love it.. she is already contacting people. I love her!

We didn´t get to work much here in Olhão because we arrived her late late late Thursday night.. But the work we did, payed off! We have been working with less actives recently and well.. the men we have been working with came to church.. One of them even brought 3 FRIENDS! It was wonderful.. We have an appointment to teach them this week. Their names are Fatima, Bruna and Paula.. Pray for them :)

I´ve gotta run.. I love you all i hope you are all doing well. Keep reading the general conference talks.. They are so uplifting and just what we need right now! The work is growing.. I am just blown away at how many applicants are ready to serve missions.. 4000... that is HUGE!!!

Okay.. really i have to run.. Love you love you love you... XOXO


Com amor,

Irmã Boshard

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Monday October 22, 2012 - OLHAO PORTUGAL

Whoa.. today is TRANSFER DAY.. These days come way too fast. I am going to be staying in Olhão, Irmã Tingey is going to Braga wayyyy up north... and whelp.. I am training my 6th little missionary. I am excited. I need some greenie fire.. I know the lord is going to push me. I´ve gotta start this transfer running.. I know you all pray for me, but maybe add just one more pray in there would ya? ha ha

My brain feels a little blocked right now and i am not quite sure how to express all the tender mercies from the lord. Irmã Tingey and had a great transfer. We were tested and brought to our knees many times throughout the days. I have no doubts though that the work we did, did not go unnoticed.

One night Irmã Tingey and i were walking the streets of Olhão and we thought of one of our investigators Adriana.. We thought, hey let´s go pass by and invite her to church tomorrow.. We knocked on her door and when she opened the door, she had been crying. She had been so overwhelmed and stressed that she broke down and knew that we were an answer to her prayers. Her son has schizophrenia (i think). He is 37 years old and acts as if he is 5 or 6.. She takes care of him all day long and it is emotional draining.. but on top of her stress the night before she had found out that her daughter betrayed her and has been lying to her for months. Tingey and i were able to read some scriptures with her and help her feel full of love and peace. She thanked us for being such wonderful people in the world. She said i don´t connect with many people in the world because they are so worldly and not the kind of friends that i need in my life..

It is amazing a simple whisper from the spirit made a huge difference in Adriana´s night..

Summer has finally ended in the algarve and the rain is hitting us hard.. My water jacket that should be waterproof... is definitely not waterproof.. ha ha ha ha The rain storms makes talking to people in the street a little harder and we´ve gotta whip out the hard knuckles and start knocking.. but because of this Tingey and i found a miracle.. I saw an apartment building.. I looked to Tingey and said, let´s go there.. We went and started knocking on the 8th floor. no one answered. So we rang the 7th floor and a kind man answered and i said we would like to come up and offer a prayer to bless their home and said yes.. come up. WE went up and entered the home to see his sick wife lying on the sofa.. She recently had surgery on her eye and everything went wrong and she is close to being blind. We said if you listen to our message and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ in your home, She will be healed. The husband cried and was so excited for us to say a prayer with them. They invited us to come back at a more convenient hour.. so we returned a few days later and explained the power of the book of Mormon.. left them with a book and they said they´ll read it. I LOVE THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST. It is amazing how it influences our thoughts and feelings.. do not doubt those small promptings.. they lead to great and marvelous blessings!

I love you all.. I hope your daily scripture study is going well.. Have a great week :)



Com amor,

Irmã Boshard

Monday, October 15, 2012

We are Pollinating the World

WE ARE POLLINATING THE WORLD!!! That was such a good talk from President Uchtdorf, was it not?! It is so true and little by little all our efforts count and that is something that i am continually learning here in the battlefield.. there is no room to loose hope, we´ve gotta fight it out and do it with a gladful heart. The only reason i made it through this last week was because President Fluckiger has given a study sheet for the next 3 months. We are studying the ministry of Christ and all the miracles he made.. It´s going great! I am learning how i can better my teaching and how i can be an example by truly serving the lord with all my might, mind and strength.
A few days ago i studied Luke 5. It is the story of Simon fishing and he wasn´t finding fish ya know?? Well, Christ was taking a stroll past Simon and could see that he was struggling. Christ said, let down your net. Simon replied, Lord i have been here all night. We´ve found nothing.. But i´ll try one more time. After he let his net down the multitude of the fish was too great that the nets were breaking, then the ships began to sink so they called over all their friends to help them out.. Simon kneeled before the Savior and said, Depart from me. I am a sinner. I can relate this story to my mission. At times i have a lack of faith.. The lord tells me to call someone, or go visit someone and i say.. Lord.. Do you know how many times i have tried and i have been rejected and that person wants nothing to do with us?? yet, he gently tells me.. Irmã Boshard.. go visits so and so.. So i do and we end up having the best lesson and it was just want i need to get my feet back on the ground.. But i still cry and feel so guilty for having a lack of faith and complaining to the lord.. i Truly know that he loves us and if just forget ourselves and do what he says he will bless us beyond our imagination.. All of you can relate this story to your life too.. I hope you know that he is aware of EVERYTHING. there isn´t one thing that he doesn´t know.. He is fully aware that his return to earth is near and that is why he has called a younger generation to get out here and serve.. Don´t deny the thoughts and feelings that he puts in your minds.. He knows you better than yourself and all you need to do is act.. There is no more time to wait.. Heavenly Father needs us to Pollinate the WORLD.. That means, Visiting teaching, Home Teaching, a simple phone call.. or a contact with a friend about the gospel.. We´re doing it together!!!!!

Alright, Last week was a huge blow for me.. Do you remember me telling you about our friend Paulo who we met through a window and marked him for baptism??? Well, He should have been baptized yesterday but it didn´t happen.. We taught him on Thursday about the 10 commandments and finalized everything to prepare him for his baptismal interview.. Friday we scheduled the interview, The elders came to our area to meet with Paulo and he wasn´t home.. He doesn´t have a cell phone either.. and we waited for a good hour and a half.. Saturday came around and we passed by Paulo´s house again, but no one seems to know where he is or what he is up to. Sunday morning arrived and we went to go pick him up for church.. yet he still is home.. The strong winds of the enemy have been blowing my way and i have felt so defeated.. WHY!!!!!! Paulo was trying so hard to give up drugs, smoking and drinking for a better life. Why did Satan have to get him?!! UGH.. it is so frustrating.. Saturday afternoon all our plans fell through and we thought we would start knocking doors.. Every door was rejection. At one door we were testifying to an evangelical family and i started bawling like a baby, pleading for them to just pray to know that our message is true and.. wham.. the door shuts. We finally made it to one door and a sweet lady opened her door and asked us to come back next Saturday.. All i needed was for one person to hear the lords voice and it made me feel so much better.. I know the announcement of 18 year old elders and 19 year old sisters is proof that we are preparing for the return of our savior.. it is close.. and it is time to scream.. gently.. but loudly..

We have to press forward and endure the challenges and trials of our faith.. We already know that Lord will win in the end.. There is no sense in wasting time playing both sides of the field.. Stay on the lords side and don´t move..

Love You XOXO
Com amor,

Irmã Boshard

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pictures - Olhao Portugal October 2012

Fish Market - Youth Activity - Treats Chocolate Divine and Ice Cream with Irma Tingey ~ Sept/Oct 2012 Olhao, Portugal

Blessings of the Temple - Portugal Lisbon Youth (youtube)

8 October 2012 ~ Olhao Portugal

WHAT A WEEKEND!!!! Conference was another testimony that the second coming is here... Can you believe they lowered the age for missionaries to come out here and enter the field.. Irmã Tingey and i were SHOCKED. Our mouths hung open all weekend! It is a call for the most powerful young men and young women in the world to walk the streets and testify of a restored gospel and a living Christ. I have no doubts that the lord needs more mouths and testimonies to spread righteousness throughout all the wickedness in the world.. Ahh i am so excited to see the missionary work load sky rocket. We are truly preparing our brothers and sisters to stand at the judgement bar with god and our savior.. As missionaries we are the tools in the lords hands to prepare the world to accept this divine message. Ohhhh yeeaaahh. I feel so blessed to still be here and have SO much time left in my mission.

On Tuesday this week Irmã Tingey and i received the most special miracle this transfer.. We were walking through an apartment complex and normally everyone has their windows open during the day and sometimes men yell things at us, and we basically ignore them and continue walking.. Well.. We heard someone call our attention and I looked back, said hello and continued walking.. The man said some thing again and we ignored it.. But then we heard, "MORMONS!" Irmã Tingey and i laughed and turned around to talk to this guy.. He was poking his head out his kitchen window and we said what´s your name? He said Paulo.. We made small talk and he told us that his life is a mess and a disgrace to the world. He said he has a burden in is life that he would like to get rid of.. What a better way to relive that burden than through baptism.. so we talked about the blessings from baptism.. Paulo said, i would adore to be baptized.. I need this in my life.. He said i am a slave to drugs.. I need to make changes in my circumstances.. So we said, alright, lets say a prayer right now and ask Heavenly Father when it is that you should be baptized.. We all prayed and agreed that on the 14th of October he would enter the waters of baptism.. Paulo was so happy.. Everyday since Tuesday we have met with Paulo to teach him the atonement of Christ and the commandments that will bring him more happiness than he has ever felt! He is changing everyday and he is getting so excited for his baptism.. I LOVE IT! He went to priesthood session with the men in our branch and he said it was great.. He is receiving the direction he needs. The lord is preparing the hearts of men everywhere.. At zone conference this week we were taught to teach the gospel in the most inconvenient opportunities.. Sometimes it has gone well, and others people just need to soften their hearts, but we´ll leave that to the lord.. I love the lord, and if he were to ask me they way he asked paul if i loved him.. I would respond with a dignified yes. I love him. He is our savior and Redeemer of the world. We are all doing his work and preparing to live him for eternity. XOXO

Take care. Beijos.
Com amor,
Irmã Boshard
p.s. Sister Fluckiger showed me an awesome youtube video that a member made here in Portugal.. It is called "Blessings of the Temple" It is 4 min and has a lot of good shots of Portugal.. Look for it.. She wants all of you to see it! The member is a tennis coach who helps youth here and don´t worry it is in english.

p.p.s Thank you to the primary in our ward who sent me all the pictures and letters! I Loved them.. Thank you so so much.. You´re all future missionaries :)

Monday, October 1, 2012


I have to start this email off by saying that i know Heavenly Father makes miracles happen. Irmã Tingey and i have been running low on the money side and we haven´t had as much food in our house. We´ve still had enough to survive, but we are learning to be humble little eaters.. Anyway, we had just a little bit of rice in our house and decided to eat it for lunch the other day because that was literally all we had.. We stuck the rice and water in the pan, put the lid on top and whaalaaa.. when we took of the lid, there was more rice in the pan than we originally poured in there.. I can say that only that miracle would come from a loving heavenly father who knows his servants in a little town wayyyy down south in Portugal. I´ll never stop being humbled by the Lord.

Last week i studied the talk "We Are All Enlisted" by Elder Holland. Ya know i have once or twice read this talk but last week my spiritual eyes were opened and It meant so much more to me.. Elder Holland started his talk by stating that we sometimes over look the experience that Joseph Smith had right before the first vision. Satan was trying to destroy a young boy and block the revelation that was to come. The power of Satan is very real. He is definitely against the love of the lord and atonement of Christ.

One thing we have learned about Satan as well, is that he knows in the end he is going to lose. He knows he will be defeated and yet his determined to take down as many souls as he can with him.
This quote chilled my bones.. "..Satan cannot directly take a life... But apparently his efforts to stop the work will be reasonably well served id he can just bind the tongues of the faithful.. speak up. We are at war." Okay.. so as a missionary, there is always so much more than i can do and when i read this talk. I got the hint.. I need to step it up and open my mouth more frequently wherever i am.. the store, a members house.. on the street.. Satan will never win.. But as for you.. there are so many ways to pass out cards, or the strength for youth, a proclamation to the family.. Do not back down or be ashamed. Are you willing to stand alone?? Are you willing to stand before god at judgment and tell him that you did everything possible during your short, ever so short time here on earth?? We need to open our mouths and speak miracles like Elder Holland has said. "Unbind your tongues and watch your words work wonders in the lives of those who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it" D&C 132:12

The book of mormon is your compass. It is your guide and it will help you to avoid the traps of the enemy.. Read it. Memorize scriptures, learn of its worth.. I´m not perfect and i don´t know everything that is in it, but i know it is true. I know god speaks to us through scripture and his power is strong than the enemies.

The mission is the hardest thing i have ever done. I am strengthened and challenged everyday but i love it! It´s easier to change when you are not doing your will, but the lords will. I am so grateful Heavenly Father trusts me to teach his children. He has entrusted me to wear this name tag and represent him everyday, every hour and every second i am in public.. Yeah, talk about responsibility. Irmã Tingey and i have been counting down the days until general conference and we are freaking out!! We lack 5 days.. 5 days until we hear the words of a prophet and the apostles.. eeekk.. I hope you are all spiritually preparing to get the answers you need. I love you.

Com amor,

Irmã Boshard