Monday, October 8, 2012

8 October 2012 ~ Olhao Portugal

WHAT A WEEKEND!!!! Conference was another testimony that the second coming is here... Can you believe they lowered the age for missionaries to come out here and enter the field.. Irmã Tingey and i were SHOCKED. Our mouths hung open all weekend! It is a call for the most powerful young men and young women in the world to walk the streets and testify of a restored gospel and a living Christ. I have no doubts that the lord needs more mouths and testimonies to spread righteousness throughout all the wickedness in the world.. Ahh i am so excited to see the missionary work load sky rocket. We are truly preparing our brothers and sisters to stand at the judgement bar with god and our savior.. As missionaries we are the tools in the lords hands to prepare the world to accept this divine message. Ohhhh yeeaaahh. I feel so blessed to still be here and have SO much time left in my mission.

On Tuesday this week Irmã Tingey and i received the most special miracle this transfer.. We were walking through an apartment complex and normally everyone has their windows open during the day and sometimes men yell things at us, and we basically ignore them and continue walking.. Well.. We heard someone call our attention and I looked back, said hello and continued walking.. The man said some thing again and we ignored it.. But then we heard, "MORMONS!" Irmã Tingey and i laughed and turned around to talk to this guy.. He was poking his head out his kitchen window and we said what´s your name? He said Paulo.. We made small talk and he told us that his life is a mess and a disgrace to the world. He said he has a burden in is life that he would like to get rid of.. What a better way to relive that burden than through baptism.. so we talked about the blessings from baptism.. Paulo said, i would adore to be baptized.. I need this in my life.. He said i am a slave to drugs.. I need to make changes in my circumstances.. So we said, alright, lets say a prayer right now and ask Heavenly Father when it is that you should be baptized.. We all prayed and agreed that on the 14th of October he would enter the waters of baptism.. Paulo was so happy.. Everyday since Tuesday we have met with Paulo to teach him the atonement of Christ and the commandments that will bring him more happiness than he has ever felt! He is changing everyday and he is getting so excited for his baptism.. I LOVE IT! He went to priesthood session with the men in our branch and he said it was great.. He is receiving the direction he needs. The lord is preparing the hearts of men everywhere.. At zone conference this week we were taught to teach the gospel in the most inconvenient opportunities.. Sometimes it has gone well, and others people just need to soften their hearts, but we´ll leave that to the lord.. I love the lord, and if he were to ask me they way he asked paul if i loved him.. I would respond with a dignified yes. I love him. He is our savior and Redeemer of the world. We are all doing his work and preparing to live him for eternity. XOXO

Take care. Beijos.
Com amor,
Irmã Boshard
p.s. Sister Fluckiger showed me an awesome youtube video that a member made here in Portugal.. It is called "Blessings of the Temple" It is 4 min and has a lot of good shots of Portugal.. Look for it.. She wants all of you to see it! The member is a tennis coach who helps youth here and don´t worry it is in english.

p.p.s Thank you to the primary in our ward who sent me all the pictures and letters! I Loved them.. Thank you so so much.. You´re all future missionaries :)

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